The first time I got on a plane, I discovered I was passionate about traveling. I love to be around people, sharing experiences and helping them to plan their next adventures.

I am from Buenos Aires, Argentina, and I have been lucky enough to have had the amazing opportunity of travelling around my country and other places in Latin America. I’ve travelled and experienced enough to share my knowledge of the region with all kinds of tourists. I know about the landscapes, the people, the food and the cultures.

I am a tourism student, currently finishing up my degree, and love to plan everything from luxury tours to custom-made trips tailored to your preferences. I like being in on every part of the travel process: from helping people figure out the perfect destination according to their interests, to booking each part of someone’s dream vacation.

I look forward to being part of your next great adventure in Argentina and South America!

Macarena's Travel Expertise

I mainly specialize in the South Americas, and particularly in Argentina, Chile and Brasil. When it comes to trip planning, I like to design the best trip for each passenger, offering as many options as I can, according to their personal interests. These might include anything from wildlife, nature, and outdoor activities, to any kind of cultural/city tours and getting to know different cultures.

Expert Activities

Macarena's best travel experience

One of my favourite places to visit in Argentina is Iguazu Falls. It's one of the most unique, beautiful and breathtaking places I have ever been to. I always recommend spending at least a few days here to experience these magnificent Falls, where rainbows and butterflies are a constant part of the landscape, and you will be able to enjoy nature at its best.

Why is Macarena the right travel expert

Getting to know different cultures in different parts of the world has given me the chance to understand people's needs when it comes to traveling. I love to give advice based on personal experiences, always considering local people and other customer's experience in different places. Traveling is my passion, so sharing it with people is what I love to do the most!