I was born and raised in Rome and with my family, I have visited all the regions of Italy and traveled to the best and most renowned places. We love food and wine and I have explored many wineries and eaten typical and local products.

Growing up, my love for traveling brought me to Ireland, where I spent two amazing years studying, working, and traveling. When I returned to Rome I decided to work in the luxury travel industry, and I spent the last years working for 5-star hotels. I traveled all over Europe, learning about different cultures and lifestyles.

I am an avid hiker and climber, and I love beautiful landscapes, cities, history, and museums—each one is unique. My current job allows me to work from anywhere I want, and I love it!

Ludovica's Travel Expertise

Italy and Ireland are the places I have explored more than any other country I've been to, and I consider myself an expert in these countries. Spain and Greece are also definitely countries I love.

I have lots of experience with luxury travel planning, and I'm also an expert at planning activities for travelers based on their preferences. I specialize in culture, museums, hiking, food, general sightseeing, and more!

Expert Activities

Ludovica's best travel experience

It is not an easy task to choose my most memorable experience! I loved experiencing the stunning sunset on the colonial island of Key West, visiting the seemingly infinite UNESCO-listed Cliffs of Moher in Galway, and soaking up the unique architectural masterpieces of Gaudi in Barcelona.

However, one trip I especially enjoyed was to Marrakesh, Morocco. The atmosphere was enchanting and vibrant, full of colors. And the medina, with its riads, was just absolutely beautiful and typical. Just outside the city center, the modern areas are full of amazing restaurants, spas, and shops. I went to the countryside for a hike and I had lunch in a typical Berber house located in a valley surrounded by mountains. The landscape was stunning and the food, prepared with local products and by local people, was amazing!

Why is Ludovica the right travel expert

I'm extremely accurate in looking for information. I do a lot of research about places and areas to visit before I plan activities to ensure I get the best quality and don’t miss anything!

I also like to promote local producers and culture to ensure travelers get the most authentic experience and support the local community.

Thanks to my experience in the luxury hotel world, I know how to meet even the most demanding requests professionally.