I love traveling, and whenever I can I go out in the world with just my backpack. On these trips, I try to get involved with the local community because in my opinion, it's the best way to meet new people and to discover more about a city and a culture. Following my passion, I have had the opportunity to travel to many countries, and also to explore my beloved Brazil, so I appreciate how valuable a tourist’s time is and what makes a trip memorable.

I spent one year living a dream in Ireland, and after that I came back to this marvelous city, Rio de Janeiro, to become a tour guide. I know all the best places; I couldn't keep them a secret! Years of experience inside the tourism trade gave me the knowledge needed to build unforgettable trip plans for my customers.

Luciana's Travel Expertise

I know all the treasures and hidden gems of Rio de Janeiro and the best things to do in São Paulo. My experiences as a tour guide have allowed me to get to know Bahia very well, and since I started working as a travel agent, I have specialised in the Amazon and the Pantanal. Last year, I broadened my knowledge about Iguazu Falls while I was running a company based there. My passions and expert activities are trekking, hiking and walking tours.

Luciana's best travel experience

I had the unforgettable experience of guiding a group from Rio de Janeiro to Salvador along the coast by minivan. The flexibility of the road trip allowed me to show the guests many stunning beaches on the way and to stop in some places completely off the beaten track. It was priceless to see the clients faces when they looked at the sunset from the top of the dunes in Itaunas for the first time.

Why is Luciana the right travel expert

Travel and good service are my passions and I’m so lucky to have a career that includes both. I was also born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, surrounded by people who, like me, love travelling. It made me an expert not only about my own neighbourhood but also about many different cities and places. My main goal as a travel agent is to turn your biggest dream into reality.