Hello! My name is Nyan Lin Aung, but you can call me Lin. I was born and still live in Mandalay, the cultural city of Myanmar. I love being a tour operator and showing travellers where to go and what is amazing in Myanmar. Did you know there are 135 ethnic groups in Myanmar? It is a country very rich in cultures and traditions. I love to promote my country and show how beautiful it is to international travelers.

I also love traveling and I’ve visited countries such as India, Thailand, Singapore, Qatar and UAE, and I still hope to visit many more places. People travel various palaces with various intentions. Some people are interested in culture, some travel to sightsee, to relax or to have adventures and so on. For me, I like to learn about the culture, traditions and ways of life of different people around the world.

I started working as a tour guide and tour operator in 2013. Since then, I have traveled to many places in Myanmar with my clients. I know my country very well and I’m ready to assist visitors with excellent services.

I hope to see you soon in Myanmar!

Lin's Travel Expertise

Born and raised here, I am an expert on Myanmar! I specialize in arranging tours to Yangon, Mandalay, Bagan, Inle Lake, Chin State, Loikaw, Kyaingtong, Pyinoolwin, Ngapali Beach and Hsipaw. I arrange adventure and luxury tours around Myanmar such as biking, trekking, diving, snorkelling and cruise tours.

Sandwiched between tourism giants like China, India and Thailand, many travelers have doubts about visiting Myanmar over well-established destinations in other parts of Asia. From the pristine beaches of Ngapali to the green hills of Shan states, from the mystical temples of the central dry zone to the lush green fields of Southern Myanmar, there are countless things you can try in here. In my opinion, the best things about Myanmar are the unspoiled cultures, traditions and very friendly people.

Lin's best travel experience

Last year I traveled to Kyaingtong, in the eastern part of Shan state in Myanmar. I think it is one of the most pleasant towns in Myanmar! In culture and appearance, Kyaingtong is closer to the hill towns of northern Thailand than other cities in Shan State.

The trip involved trekking through green paddy fields and beautiful landscape for 4 hours to the remote Akha village. When my group arrived, many local people came to welcome us, including the chief of the village. We brought some things to give to the villagers, and they were happy to receive them! I also had a chance to visit the chief’s house, the blacksmith and the shaman’s house.

The two things I really loved about this trip were spending time in nature— the fresh air and the beautiful views of forests and mountains— and also meeting the local people and learning about their unique culture and ways of life. This was a very memorable experience!

Why is Lin the right travel expert

There are many reasons that make me a good local travel expert. Here are just a few of them:

I am young and energetic.
I am a Myanmar expert.
I am local, born and raised in Myanmar.
I serve with 100 % passion and I really love what I do.
I offer 24/7 support if needed.
I have served over 4000 tourists.
I offer reasonable prices.
I am outstanding!