Thanks to my parents, I got the taste of travel at a young age. Even back then, I was falling in love with new places and their cultures. I still remember the awe of witnessing the majesty of the Egyptian pyramids. Since our family holidays almost always included outdoor activities, I was introduced to adventure early on in life.

As a teenager, I traveled solo to different countries. First in France, then Spain, Italy and England. I traveled by foot, on cycles, and even learned to kayak. Once I turned 20, I flew to the Canary Islands, with just a windsurf gear and a backpack, with no expectation except to see the world. It was here, that I took up traveling as a profession, sharing my experience and tips with other travelers.

Léa's Travel Expertise

Thanks to my wide share of experience in traveling, I know what it is like to travel with your family, with your friends, with your partner, and also by yourself. I feel you when you want to be away from the beaten track, without missing the must-see. I also know what it means to do as many things as possible in a short time. Hence, I can help you to not fall short on the experiences the new world can provide you. I am knowledgeable on adventure activities on ground and under the ocean, and more.

Léa's best travel experience

I guess I loved the Northern lights as much as the ascent of the Teide volcano, and walking in Petra. But if I had to choose only one memorable travel I'll pick up the pilgrim's way to Santiago de Compostela. I started it alone from the Pyrenees and walked till the end. I covered more than 950 km (600 miles) in less than 25 days. What a challenge! I met many nice people along the way. As for the journey itself, I cannot express enough what a fabulous experience it was! Walking along a trail day after day and to see the landscape changing, knowing I was closer to my destination with each passing day was an incredible feeling.

The highlight of this holiday: I wanted to arrive in Santiago de Compostela in the morning. So, I decided to cover the last stretch overnight. In the darkness, my only guide was the little yellow shell signs and I followed them diligently. Only, what I didn't know was that the way continued beyond the city to Finisterra and the ocean. So as you can guess already, unaware, I passed Santiago de Compostela and continued to walk. Once far away from the city, I met a guy who told me Santiago was behind. The only explanation I have for this is that neither my mind nor my body wanted to stop the weeks long adventure.

Why is Léa the right travel expert

I bring tons of personal travel experience with me, which enables me to understand what you are looking for and thus design the trip accordingly. I believe there is a magic recipe for any nice trip, which requires bringing together your expectations from the trip and your expectations from the destinations. This paired with smooth coordination of the transfer and accommodations can make an unforgettable holiday.

So let's talk about your expectations and I will tell you all what you can expect from the Indonesian islands, and together we will customize the best trip for you!