I was born in the northern part of the Philippines in the province of Isabela, but I grew up in Metro Manila. When I decided to study tourism management in college, I never thought that this would be so exciting and challenging, but even after years of work, I still want more. Personally, I never thought that the travel industry would be this colorful — more than I can imagine!

Why do I love travel? Because when you travel you discover many things, not only just places, but you also discover different lifestyles of people. Culture is the top reason why I travel, because through the local people I can discover things beyond what I could just read on the internet. Only through travel can people have this different level of connection.

Kwim's Travel Expertise

My company sends me to different places to check personally before we sell to our clients. This way we are able to verify that the tour will be one of the best. From going to the north and trekking to visiting the rice fields of the mountain province and to the many different Islands and beaches in Palawan, I specialize in all things and places in the Philippines!

Kwim's best travel experience

The most memorable experience for me was when my company sent me to Palawan to explore all the best islands that we could bring our guests. During this trip, I was able to meet one of the oldest people from a local tribe in the Philippines. I also discovered another Island that was virtually untouched, where hardly anyone ever goes.

Why is Kwim the right travel expert

I specialize in customizing trips for my clients and whenever I make itineraries, I put my heart and soul into it. I imagine that I am travelling in the client’s place, so I will be able to feel and think thoroughly if the itinerary will be the best choice for each client. I am confident that I will be able to take care of your whole trip!