My name is Karolina and I’m from Poland. I speak fluent English, Russian, Polish and Mongolian. I also know a bit of Japanese.

I began to travel at a very young age, first with my parents and then later, as I grew older, on my own. It has always been an utter pleasure for me to meet new people, learn about different cultures, try foreign cuisine and experience local art.

My travels took me from steppes of Mongolia and Kazakhstan to the caravanserais of Uzbekistan to the mountains of Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan. While exploring the region, I fell in love with the unique diversity of the peoples of Central Asia, the culture, cuisine and ways of life. Eventually, this experience became a focal point of my professional career as a travel consultant.

Karolina's best travel experience

One of my favorite travel experiences was a visit to the Seven Lakes region in the Fann Mountains, Tajikistan. I was hypnotized by the beauty of the surrounding peaks and the crystal clear water of each lake. The visit gave me a unique insight into the life of local Tajiks, who turned out to be charmingly shy. I also particularly enjoyed the remoteness of the area, which allowed me to experience the silent beauty of the snow-covered mountains. The journey left me with a precious feeling of wanting to come back and get another taste of this magnificent place.

Why is Karolina the right travel expert

I am an easy-going travel enthusiast with a strong background in the travel industry. I have vast experience both traveling on my own and organizing holidays for others

I always work towards designing itineraries I can be proud of. Whether you are on a budget or prefer a luxurious, high-end journey, please be assured that I will use my expertise to design a trip that will suit all your needs and become a very memorable experience.

Together let's make your Central Asia dream tour come true!