My name is Karolina and I’m from Poland. I can speak fluent English, Russian and Mongolian, as well as a bit of Japanese.

I began to travel at a very young age, first with my parents and then later as I grew older, on my own. It has always been an utter pleasure for me to meet new people, learn about different cultures, try foreign cuisine and learn about local art. During my student years, I fell in love with Asia and traveled across the continent exploring South Korea and Japan in depth; eventually, I reached Mongolia, where I discovered my true calling - the tourism industry.

My work took me from the steppes of Kazakhstan to the caravanserais of Uzbekistan to the mountains of Tajikistan, with a final stop in the Caucasus. Here, I fell in love with the people and their culture. I explored the vineyards of Georgia and churches of Armenia, learned to drink brandy and tasted delicious local bread.

I now live in Tbilisi and almost every day I immerse myself in the unique atmosphere of this fascinating city. And when I don't, I am normally on the road hunting for one hidden gem of the Caucasus countryside or another.

My favorite place in the Caucasus is Garni, a small Greek temple in Armenia, likely built during the first century AD. I love how it appears out nowhere on the top of a hill and how it contrasts with Armenian churches. I love observing how both foreign and local visitors find pleasure in strolling under the trees surrounding the temple and take quirky photos among its columns.

Karolina's best travel experience

One of my most memorable experiences was a visit to Vardzia, a cave city site in southern Georgia. The site dates back to the second half of the twelfth century. Its caves stretch along the cliff for some five hundred meters and look at the valley of Kura River. The sheer size of the construction is breathtaking; one can walk for hours visiting secret tunnels, soldiers quarters or wine making workshops. However, my absolute favorite is the Church of the Dormition — a hidden stone temple covered with magnificent medieval frescoes. The quiet, contemplative atmosphere of the place truly made me think of mortality and eternity.

Why is Karolina the right travel expert

I am an easy-going travel enthusiast with a strong background in the travel industry. I have vast experience both traveling on my own and organizing holidays for others

I always work towards designing itineraries I can be proud of. Whether you are on a budget or aim for a luxurious, high-end journey, please rest assure that I will use my expertise to design a trip that will suit all your needs and become a memorable memorable experience.

Together let's make your Caucasus dreams come true!