I am an ecotourism professional and Costa Rican local, born and raised in Cartago. I truly love to travel and admire as much nature and wildlife as possible. I also have a passion for the rainforest and all the flora and fauna there.

My beginnings in ecotourism started when I was a child and part of a boys' and girls' scout group. I loved going camping and hiking through the forest. Now, I spend my free time hiking in new places with my family, finding great spots for watching a spectacular sunset or just hanging out with new people.

One of my favorite places in my country is San Gerardo de Dota, the home of the quetzal, and the area of the Irazu Volcano, where you can find the best landscapes of the Central Valley.

Karol's Travel Expertise

I specialize in ecotourism and making connections with local businesses. I believe that travelers should know (or learn!) a little bit about the locals' culture. Adventure tourism is another field that I love and enjoy. Costa Rica is a great place for educational trips and has so much to offer in terms of nature, wildlife and opportunities to volunteer in different communities. Costa Rica is also well-known as a honeymoon destination, where couples can discover luxury places for relaxing and enjoying their time here.

Karol's best travel experience

One memorable travel experience for me was a 4-day hike I did while in University from Santa Maria de Dota to Quepos, on the Pacific side. At the time, it was the longest hike that I had ever done, and it was an amazing experience. I camped in the middle of the forest, I saw tapir footprints, and I ended the hike white water rafting in the Savegre River.

Why is Karol the right travel expert

I love tourism and sharing my country with new people from around the world. I will be so glad to give tips about traveling in Costa Rica, including about all the areas where you can explore this amazing country, from the famous volcano to the rich cloud forest. Costa Rica is a small place, but it has so much to offer and I can’t wait to help you explore!

Pura Vida!