My name is Karla and I am a nature lover who loves her homeland. I was born in Cartago, Costa Rica, the first capital of the country. Some years ago I decided to study tourism because I wanted to share the beauty of my country and its incredible culture with other people who can fall in love with this land.

I really enjoy yoga, hiking, and going to the beach. Actually, my favorite beach is Puerto Viejo, located in the South Caribbean. I love the culture, food, music, and especially the crystal clear water.

I am also an animal lover and I have a little puppy for a pet. But my favorite animal is the sloth, I think sloths are so funny and cute! In fact, Costa Rica has many rescue centers and rehabilitation facilities for the sloth, and it even become a national symbol for the country a few months ago. I am so proud that my country is a leader in wildlife and nature preservation.

Karla's Travel Expertise

I have lived all my life here in Cartago and I consider myself an expert in the region. I really enjoy talking about and showing visitors around this beautiful province, its volcanos, rural areas, and incredible people.

Also, I mentioned that I am a beach lover, and I consider myself a specialist in beach locations and activities. I love to give beach suggestions! Other activities on my list of expertise include relaxing activities like yoga and meditation, nature activities and sightseeing like visiting waterfalls, and cultural activities where people can learn about traditions and culture.

Karla's best travel experience

When I was at university, I had the opportunity to visit Corcovado National Park. I was astounded by all the incredible nature and biodiversity. I even saw a baby tapir with its mother — it was the cutest moment. On the same trip, I did many activities like rappelling and snorkeling, where I also had the opportunity to discover the richness of our seas, it was amazing!

Why is Karla the right travel expert

I have almost 6 years of experience working in tourism, and every day I still really feel lucky to be able to explore my country and share it with others.

I am a friendly person who likes helping others and I really enjoy designing programs and proposals for people who want to explore this amazing piece of land called Costa Rica. I can't wait to help you make a trip here one of the best experiences of your life!