I first came to Namibia as a tourist with a backpack for 10 days in 1999 as part of a round-the-world adventure. Well, this trip was cut short when I decided to stay in Namibia and became a tour guide, giving me the perfect excuse to continually explore the country, see the ever-changing seasons and take clients on the road, giving others the chance to see some of the beauty I was lucky enough to enjoy every day.

I moved into the office in 2004 and Chameleon Holidays became "my baby” and I’m still here. I love putting together personalized itineraries so every visitor has the chance to make the most of their time in Namibia or Botswana, see the best bits, and what most interests them as individuals, and of course, having happy clients at the end with huge smiles on their faces after their holiday.

I love Namibia, the huge open spaces and blue skies and the incredible variation of the desert and hauntingly beautiful landscapes. Its lack of people, along with the wonderful game viewing experiences and conservation programmes, make it for me, one of the best holiday destinations anywhere in the world and a complete contrast to many other African countries.

Each country has its own appeal but this place that I am very lucky to call home, it makes my soul sing….

Julie's Travel Expertise

Thankfully, as I am based in Namibia, I am able to get out and about and explore this incredible country. As a guide, I have also had to drive clients all over the country so I understand what it is like to travel around and the distances involved in getting from point A - B on gravel roads (not for wimps at the moment!), but I also know how much variation there is, from the highlights of the dunes of Sossusvlei, the game in Etosha, and some of those quieter, hidden gems!

Julie's best travel experience

Gosh - I find this so hard as been very lucky to travel to many destinations... One time, in Namibia when I was guiding and sleeping without a tent under a tree and stars at Palmwag campsite in Damaraland, I woke up during the night and found myself just a couple of metres away from a huge bull elephant who had silently wandered up and was browsing on the tree enjoying his midnight meal! He totally ignored me... :-)

Or, climbing Mount Kilimanjaro and seeing the sunrise at the top of the mountain. I particularly remember feeling really cold as we panted up the mountain in the dark, and the sudden warmth as the sun rose and then the incredible view from the top

Don't want to bore you with more...

Why is Julie the right travel expert

I would say, well, we are based here in Namibia, so I have a good understanding of the country. I also have a huge passion for its beauty and want every client to see and experience Africa. Both Namibia and Botswana can be expensive (certainly more so than Asia) but there are good value options around, which I can help you find. I can advise on a self-drive, a private-guided or even a fly-in tour - all depends on your budget and how you want to travel.