When I was just 18, I took a transatlantic plane to New Zealand to travel for 6 months. Since then I have been in thrall with travelling and all the amazing experiences it brings. I was brought up in Edinburgh, Scotland, and educated in Cambridge before I spent 11 years living and working in London. Then in 2002, I moved to Spain to live in the incomparable city of Granada. I have also been fortunate enough to live for brief periods in such wonderful cities as Kyoto, Auckland, Barcelona and Lisbon.

It was a natural step to move into the travel business myself to be able to continue travelling through others' journeys and to draw upon my own experiences for their benefit. For me, Spain has to be the most diverse European country; it has such a rich and complex history and a variety in its landscapes and peoples. This diversity is rewarding with every visit.

Jonathan's Travel Expertise

I have lived and worked in Andalusia since 2002 and it is here in the south that my greatest knowledge and expertise resides. I also specialise in trips to Madrid, Barcelona, and their surrounding areas, as I have guided and planned trips there. I am also a keen walker; I adore the mountains that we have in Spain and also love delving into the lesser-known rural areas.

Jonathan's best travel experience

One of my earliest and still to date best experiences in the travel business was when I arranged a tour to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Trafalgar. Dealing with a selective and highly informed public meant that I had to read widely to learn about the significance of the event and devise targeted marketing to raise awareness of our trip. The key to its success was finding a historian with superb credentials and a great personality to front the trip. Together, he and I formed a great partnership that was appreciated very much by our clients. The memory of looking out to sea at a sunny and windy Cape Trafalgar, on the southern tip of Spain, while we listened to a riveting, step-by-step, blow-by-blow account of the events that had taken place there 200 years ago almost to the minute will stay with me always.

Why is Jonathan the right travel expert

I am one of those people who, if not travelling, is thinking about the next travels. I have visited over 60 countries, lived for spells in several of them, and have that perspective of an "insider-outsider" after having lived in Spain since 2002. It's this interest in and understanding of the art of travel that I think makes me well suited to my role as a local travel expert for Bookmundi. When I set about planning a trip for someone else, I invest the same care, attention and zest for detail as for one of my own trips, if not more!