I started my travel career started as a cabin crew member for the Belgian national carrier, Brussels Airlines. My family has roots in aviation so this was a logical first step. Both of these facts have allowed me to travel all over the planet and experience different cultures.

I met my future Icelandic wife in Liberia (who was also a cabin crew member, but for Icelandair) and shortly after, I decided to follow her to Iceland. This is when my career as a travel agent started and I never looked back! Having worked in the industry for other companies for a while, I decided in 2019 to start my own travel agency. This has been a very interesting journey and I'm glad to see that the company is doing great work and providing a valuable service to our customers.

Jonathan's Travel Expertise

I specialize in self-drive tours, small group guided packages and privately guided tours. These are the most popular ways to visit Iceland. Self-drive tours and privately guided tours offer the most flexibility, and small group guided tours will offer you the guidance together with the chance of meeting other travelers.

However, there are many ways of traveling and exploring, and thanks to the partnerships we've been building over the years, I can accommodate almost any request.

Jonathan's best travel experience

The most recent travel experience I had would be a short 2-night visit to the north of Iceland. The winter can be a challenging period to visit the north, but we had a great experience trying new geothermal pools, restaurants, and amazing hotels. The north of Iceland is really developing and more and more things are becoming available. There is a lot more life up there than a few years ago. This was a perfect little short trip.

Why is Jonathan the right travel expert

My work in the travel industry led me to Iceland 6 years ago, where I fell in love with the landscapes and culture. I've continued my work in the travel sector here and, throughout the years, have formed relationships with the best travel and accommodation providers around the country. The partners I work with are all top quality and hand-selected by me so that you can feel secure knowing your time in Iceland is valued.