I was 22 when I left Australia with an open-ended ticket to travel around the world. I did not get far past Asia, discovering there was so much to do and see here. I spent four years traveling through Southeast Asia, Africa, and the Middle East, with short stints in America and Europe. Most of the time I traveled alone, and I gained a lifetime of stories, memories and friendships out of it. During my travels, I formed a connection with Asia and especially Nepal.

I have never really returned home to Australia since that time, never for long anyway. I fell in love with Nepal and developed an addiction for mountain biking along the way. My journey still has not ended but for now, its place is in Nepal in Himalayan Single Track.

Jenny's Travel Expertise

Mountain biking and cycling tours are the two actives I specialize in, right from enduro, cross-country, bike packing and downhill to long overland cycling tours in Nepal.

The places we know most intimately are Pikey Peak (Solu/Phalu) Annapurna, Lower Mustang, Langtang Valley and Upper Mustang. Our knowledge of these places goes beyond the regular trials to explore single tracks, remote villages and places of interest.

Jenny's best travel experience

When I first arrived in Nepal, I used to take my bike and just ride to places I did not know. Cycling in Nepal offers many challenges that you do not find in other countries, the big climbs and altitude, the lack of signs and direction and the random farm animals found on most trails. One day I was cycling through a village when a goat tethered to a post leaped in front of me, tangling its rope around my wheels and sending me head first into a ditch. The locals though it was hilarious... I ended up staying in this village overnight and making many new friends.

Why is Jenny the right travel expert

Having lived and cycled in Nepal for the last 11 years, I have an intimate knowledge of the tracks and trails around Kathmandu, Langtang and Mustang Regions. This knowledge has been extended through my team at Himalayan Single Track with individual experts in Annapurna, Solu (Pikey Peak) and East Nepal. This has given me comprehensive knowledge about mountain biking in Nepal.