I was born and raised in Cape Town, one of the most beautiful cities in South Africa. The warmth, the nearby landscapes and the diversity make visitors want to stay forever!

I first fell in love with the travel and tourism industry in secondary school and then I went on to pursue it as a career. I started at Abang Africa Travel, where I work now, as a data capturer, but after only a few months I was offered a position as a travel consultant. I can now help travellers create unforgettable memories.

My hobbies include exploring every little bit Cape Town has to offer and finding all of its hidden gems. I also enjoy visiting the little towns and villages outside of Cape Town where no one seems to go, but often have the most amazing treasures. I would love to do more travelling around my beautiful and diverse country, I know there is much more for me to still see and amazing people to meet!

Jammie's Travel Expertise

I specialize in tailor-made trips in Southern Africa. I can offer off-the-beaten-track tours for all kinds of travelers, including families, honeymooners and adventure travelers.

I would love to design the best trip for you according to your personal interests. This might include anything from wildlife, meeting locals, relaxing in a wellness-resort, enjoying a cook-up, staying at a homestay in a community or even volunteering. I specialize in helping you find a unique, different experience that will last a lifetime.

Jammie's best travel experience

One very unique travel experience of mine was when I traveled to Ceres, a community that lies about a 3-hour drive outside of Cape Town. I went ziplining, cherry-picking and visited beautiful vineyards. I loved simply walking through the little community and experiencing the excitement of people that do not have much but are truly living life to the fullest. I truly had an amazing experience!

Why is Jammie the right travel expert

As I've grown up in and then travelled throughout Southern Africa, I know the area very well. I am able to share lesser-known, amazingly beautiful destinations with you; places which definitely deserve a visit!

Apart from my knowledge and expertise about the many places in South Africa, I really love my job and therefore I do it with passion. I give all that I've got so that all my clients can have the best experience possible.