I caught the travel bug from a very early age, thanks to my family. I have literally been exploring the world for longer than I can remember! I feel incredibly lucky that my job is to help other people have unforgettable travel experiences because it is thanks to my adventures around the world that I am the person I am today.

Of all the places I have visited, the wild nature of the far north and its promise of endless adventure holds a very special place in my heart. When I am not out hiking, climbing or kayaking, you can find me planning my next expedition in the North.

My journey into the adventure tourism industry really began when I was 15 and I planned a 2-week self-supported trek along the border between England and Wales to raise money for charity. This adventure inspired me to study outdoor leadership and start working in the field as an activity leader and guide.

I hope to never stop exploring the world, designing adventures or facilitating unforgettable experiences.

Isabelle's Travel Expertise

How do you fancy dog-sledding through the ancient forests of Finland, sea-kayaking with local fishermen in the Norwegian fjords or hiking among volcanoes and across the lava fields in Iceland?

The Nordic countries truly do hold a special place in my heart, especially the local culture, the intriguing history and the unique geography. For centuries, local people have practiced outdoor activities like hiking and sea kayaking here in order to connect to the wild nature. What better way to discover the heart of these countries than to immerse yourself in the wilderness and enjoy such traditional activities among the flora and fauna? Pair this experience with insider information relayed by an expert guide or from a detailed roadbook and you have got yourself an authentic adventure which reveals the true heart of your chosen destination.

Isabelle's best travel experience

I was just drifting off to sleep, snuggled up all cosy in my tent, with views of a glacier meeting the sea. I was in Spitsbergen, part of the Norwegian Archipelago, Svalbard, found in the Arctic Circle. I was listening to the lullaby of the rumbling glacier and getting ready to sleep when I heard the unmistakable sound of a whale exhaling. I poked my head out of the tent and sure enough, there were two beluga whales just there, less than 100m away, playing in the icebergs at the foot of the glacier! I shared this moment with 8 lovely people. Some ran out of their tents in pyjamas and others stayed snuggled up like me, our heads poking out of our tents. We did not need words; we just grinned at each other. The Arctic Nature is truly amazing…

Why is Isabelle the right travel expert

If you pick me as your local expert I can guarantee you total honesty, real expertise and my full support not only in the run-up to your trip but also during and after your adventure. I am super lucky to be part of the Altai family, a close-knit team of experts, who are all passionate about sharing our love for exploring the Nordic countries. If you choose me as your local travel expert, you are in fact also picking the support of the Altai family as well as all of our local contacts and connections.