Mingalaba! I am Hsu Hlaing from Myanmar. I love travelling, especially within my country and to neighbouring countries, and this is why I became a travel consultant. I’ve been in this job for 5 years now. I love exploring new places, seeing new things, meeting new people and interacting with their cultures, traditions and lifestyles.

When I was young, I wanted to become a tour guide and so I chose to study tourism management. I later realized that being a travel specialist offers better opportunities to learn about more destinations as well as to communicate with many travellers from different countries. It is one of the great ways to share the world you know with people who want to experience it. Now I work at Pegu Travels, which focuses on offering a 'cultural exchange' by combining adventure tours with community-based tourism activities.

I think Myanmar is quite unlike anywhere else in the world. It is a beautiful, vast country full of rich traditions, delicious food and gorgeous natural sights. One thing I love about the people in my country is our genuine hospitality and friendliness. We are always open to help and give a smile. Although English is not commonly spoken, my people will go out of their way to help foreigners.

Hsu Hlaing's Travel Expertise

I specialize in culture and adventure tailor-made programs offering off-the-beaten-track itineraries within the diversity of Myanmar. With the aim of supporting rural and remote villages, I also encourage travellers to go trekking and have adventure experiences in order to gain a first-hand, authentic experience. I have a lot of knowledge of off-the-beaten-track as well as adventure trips such as trekking, cycling, hiking, diving, kayaking, motorcycle, border crossing, etc.

At Pegu, I have good relationships and great rates with many suppliers due to the company’s experience and the fact that we are a Myanmar-based company. We are experts at crafting great custom-made itineraries following our clients' wishes and I can propose many options adapted to each adventurer, families, couples, groups and individual travellers.

Hsu Hlaing's best travel experience

A recent unforgettable experience was my trip to the Mergui Archipelago in April 2018. The Mergui Archipelago is located far down in southern Myanmar and is part of the Tanintharyi Region. It is one of the world’s most remote and untouched archipelagos and is made up of over 800 islands varying in size from very small to hundreds of square kilometres. The people, called Salon, are the only human inhabitants of the islands. It has the best diving spots in Myanmar, as well as great sailing, snorkelling and kayaking. I had heard so much about this place and I always wanted to go. On my trip, I visited several islands and enjoyed an overnight stay in a tent on the island. It was one of my most unforgettable trips and I do recommend everyone to experience it!

Why is Hsu Hlaing the right travel expert

As I was born and grew up in Yangon and have many local travel experiences, I am a true local expert on my country, my people and my culture. I will combine this knowledge with my expertise in the travel industry to offer you unique experiences according to your personal interests. I can't wait to help you explore my country and be enchanted by its wonders!