I've lived in Albania all my life, apart from a stint in Italy when I was a student. My two passions from childhood were art and cars, so I ended up working as a graphic designer for advertising agencies in Tirana and racing in my spare time (I'm one half of the 2017 Rally Albania championship-winning team!)

A few years ago, I was approached by the owner of Drive Albania to create a logo. I did, and also ended up moonlighting from my day job to drive on a few Drive Albania tours. Let's just say I got bitten by the travel bug! In 2017 I left graphic design behind and am now a partner in the company. I look after the Tirana office, and often the office dog, Bubi.

Henri's Travel Expertise

I specialise in all areas of Albania. My family originates from Përmet in southern Albania, so not surprisingly, this is my favourite area. But doing this job and racing in Rally Albania means I've been lucky enough to travel all over Albania, Kosovo and Macedonia. There are still a few corners of Albania I've yet to visit - but not many!

I love and specialise in 4x4 tours. Without a decent off-roader, you're incredibly limited in where you can get to, as Albanian roads are often extremely bad! Whenever I can, I still head out into the Albanian mountains where I particularly enjoy leading our wild camping tours, another speciality of mine. I don't think there's anywhere as wild as Albania left in Europe, each time we go exploring we find something amazing.

Henri's best travel experience

My most unique travel experience has to be co-driving on Rally Albania. The races pass through the most unvisited and remote parts of Albania, often along old military roads dating from the dictatorship years that have long been forgotten. I've discovered villages that are seemingly trapped in another century, and incredible valleys, gorges and landscapes that even Albanians have no clue about. However, I'm often discovering these hidden places at 70km/h, so I have to make a mental note and come back afterwards at a more leisurely pace!

Why is Henri the right travel expert

There are few people who have travelled as extensively through rural Albania as I have, so I like to think I know the hidden corners that no one else knows about. Also, working with an English guy (Ed, the owner of the company) has given me a lot of insight into what international travellers expect from a tour in terms of destinations, accommodation and overall experience. I will show you an amazing travel experience in this beautiful country!