I am originally from the UK but I have been traveling all my life. I absolutely love to explore new places and meet people from all around the world. Teaching English abroad took me first to Spain and then to Mexico — where I instantly fell in love with this country. The people here are extremely welcoming and there is so much to see in this vast country! Discovering the different states of Mexico is like visiting different countries across Europe, each has it's own traditions, cultures, landscapes and gastronomies.

In addition to a passion for travel, I am a foodie and a photographer. These are two hobbies that help me to really connect with the places I visit. I love trying new and local food and talking to the local people who want to share their traditions with foreigners. Taking a picture is my way of continuing to share those experiences and remember those feelings in years to come!

Helping others plan their trips so that they can have similar experiences is why I now work for Terra Maya, bringing travelers from all over the world to sunny Mexico.

Harriet's Travel Expertise

Based in Merida, our local agency Terra Maya specializes in tours around the Yucatán Peninsula, although I can create tours all over Mexico. I can take you off the beaten track down in the Yucatán and show you the hidden secrets of the Mayan Kingdom, introduce you to local people, show you idyllic and rarely visited spots such as cenotes (unique to this part of the world), biosphere reserves and small villages deep in the heart of the countryside. Whether you're looking for an escape, an all-inclusive holiday, a cultural experience or an adventure, I can find something just for you!

Harriet's best travel experience

I've had many memorable travel experiences, in both Mexico and many other wonderful countries around the world. One of my favorite experiences here in the Yucatán Peninsula was getting completely lost one day in the countryside and meeting some wonderful local people who showed us a hidden cenote, which was so far off the beaten track it didn't have a name. We had the whole place to ourselves, ate lunch with the people in the village and had a wonderful afternoon! When you step off the tourist path is when you have the best experiences.

Why is Harriet the right travel expert

As your local travel agent, I will provide the best services possible as I have had the chance to do everything myself. I know the guides personally, I've stayed in the best hotels and I've traveled the routes, finding the best places to visit along the way.

I can't wait to show you more of what beautiful Mexico has to offer. This country is so much more than what you see in the media, come and experience it for yourself and fall in love with this enchanting way of life!