Since the age of 16, I have been traveling a lot and working abroad. I started in beautiful Austria as an au-pair on a farm with Icelandic horses, and this led to work as a riding instructor in a riding school for a summer or two.

Right around when I turned 21, I started working on cruise ships for a few years, sailing around the world. When I landed in Iceland again I worked in hotels in the south of Iceland and ended up being the manager of one of the highland hotels for a few years more.

Now I am one of the owners of an Iceland travel company. I am also a licensed fishing guide and it is one of my passions. Nothing beats the tranquility of casting into the river and perhaps getting a fish or two. Iceland still takes my breath away.

Harpa's Travel Expertise

I specialize in custom-made travel plans that can be anything from a shared package to a high-end luxury experience. My true passion is the Icelandic highlands, where Thórsmörk is my number 1 destination. I go there myself several times a year to drink in the energy of the glaciers around me and breathe the incredibly fresh air! But if you don't want to go into the highlands, I can also plan you an amazing trip on the regular, paved ring road.

Harpa's best travel experience

Two of my favorite experiences as a tourist have to be walking in Rome, and seeing all the ruins of Egypt. To me, it is simply a breathtaking experience to walk underground into a tomb and see all the monuments our forefathers built that have lasted through the centuries.To touch something that was built 5000 years ago just amazes me!

Why is Harpa the right travel expert

I love to plan and organize, and I can easily see the big picture. I always make sure that you are taken care of, from start to finish. Choosing to work with me means that you will always have a person backing you up if something unexpected comes up during your trip.

I have created many incredible tours and experiences in Iceland for my guests and I am sure that I and my company team can create an unforgettable holiday for you!