My name is Furkan. I am a licensed professional tour guide in Istanbul, Turkey, and a travel agent. I have been leading and organizing tours for groups and individuals for over 15 years. I have shown Turkey, especially Istanbul, to travelers from many countries from almost all continents.

I was born and raised on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey, then later I moved to Istanbul. I love the Turkish culture, the fantastic and delicious food, and the weather. Apart from work, my passions are traveling and food.

Travel has many benefits, from seeing unique new places and understanding different cultures to a personal feeling of accomplishment. One of the reasons I love to travel as a hobby is that I am able to really experience different countries and cultures rather than just seeing them on screen or reading about them in a book.

As for food, I love it! Food can easily cheer me up no matter what mood I’m in. My mom taught me to cook and bake, and I love Turkish cuisine, the irresistible smell, the colors, and the overwhelming tastes.

Furkan's Travel Expertise

I arrange walking and vehicle tours and tailor the program according to your preferences. I specialize in custom tours that will take you off the beaten track of Istanbul and beyond in Turkey. While discovering local markets, bazaars, and backstreets, you will also gain an overview of Turkish history, culture, cuisine, and unique architecture.

I also offer food tours in Turkey. From kebabs to baklava to Turkish delight, Turkish food is famous worldwide. While many people have enjoyed more than the odd kebab in their time, there is so much more to Turkish food than just kebabs, as you will discover on our Food Tours.

I have also arranged and guided tours for people with different disabilities. I welcome slow walkers and people with reduced mobility.

Furkan's best travel experience

The most memorable moment I had as a guide was helping my Australian guests find their World War 1 relatives' service records in Gallipoli. We spent almost two full days in Canakkale, Eceabat, and Gallipoli peninsula; however, we finally managed to collect the information. More than 330,000 Australians served overseas during the First World War. Each one of them has a story.

Why is Furkan the right travel expert

As a tour operator, I can organize almost every detail of your trip, from hotels and transportation to guides and porters. I have 15 years of experience and with my expertise and contacts in Turkey, I can often offer more attractive off-the-beaten-track itineraries. I know how to access areas otherwise off-limits to individual travelers and groups.

I look forward to helping you design and plan your dream trip to Turkey.