Having grown up in a tiny village in the north of the Netherlands surrounded by windmills, acres of green and the same old same old people, I was never really able to settle. Starting with city trips in surrounding countries whilst studying, I discovered there was so much more to see. Soon I started traveling more, longer and further. After finishing a first university degree in Social Cultural Work, I attempted to continue my studies, but by that time the travel bug had already bitten me. I couldn't sign up for another 4 years of staying in the same city.

Trips to Germany, Italy and France followed, which changed into internships in England, seasonal work abroad in Cyprus & the Canary Islands. And before I knew it I had packed my bags and moved to Rome.

Each city in Europe has such a completely different feel and story to it, and somewhere along the way I became addicted to continuously wanting to see, know and experience more. Whether its the kindness of the German people, extensive art collections of Italy or perhaps the cozy cafés in Amsterdam, each city has its own charm! Having now worked in the tourism sector for over 6 years I find myself with a wealth of knowledge which I love to share with anyone who is in need!

Femke's Travel Expertise


Growing up in the Netherlands, I know all about Dutch culture (let's sit in a circle at a birthday party!), tradition (I can tell you all about the famous Sinterklaas feest), and of course, its cuisine (you haven't lived without ever having eaten a stroopwafel!). This country filled with windmill panorama's, picturesque canals, people on bicycles 365 days a year, and all accepting mindset and delicious cheese will always be my pride and joy.

Italy has stolen a little piece of my heart ever since I moved there 5 years ago, and I adore planning trips to this incredibly diverse country. Whether its going on a truffle hunting adventure in Tuscany, getting a little crunchy thanks to the Italian sun on the day trip to Capri Island, staring at Michelangelo's David's naked bum in the Academy Gallery, or wandering the picturesque streets of Trastevere in Rome and being helicopter parented by an Italian nonna, Italy guarantees an everlasting memory and every single corner of Italy is just drop dead gorgeous.

Germany, I adore for multiple things; its breathtaking nature, mind blowing second world war history, and incredibly kind and accommodating people! As a history geek I just cannot get enough of cities like Berlin, Nuremberg and Munich. It blows my mind that places like Sachsenhausen, Hitler's eagles nest or the party rally grounds can actually still be visited these days. There are historical snippets this country offers, and then there is its impressive nature. Nothing beats cruising through the Rhine valley past endless stretches of vineyards, castles and romantic villages, or reliving the story of Ludwig the Second admiring panoramic views from his beloved Neuschwanstein Castle.

Having stood below the Eiffel Tower, enjoyed discovering London's streets after dark on a Jack the Ripper tour, and visited Gaudi's Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, I've seen plenty of Europe and some more. So, please feel free to get in touch for any European country and I'll be happy to help!

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Femke's best travel experience

Hm, I'd say my favorite experience so far has been visiting one of Rome's most famous art restoration labs. Having wandered the halls of the Vatican plenty of times you almost forget the passion, hours and detail that goes into the restoration work. When I visited the lab, I was able to first-hand experience the meticulous detailing behind the process of cleaning and restoring. I even had the good fortune of meeting someone who had restored multiple Caravaggio's!

I also absolutely enjoyed the time I visited the Sistine Chapel after hours. Gosh it almost sounds like I'm bragging! Just me a couple of other people and the guard looking at artworks as far as the eye could reach, knowing Michelangelo worked there for nearly 8 years to decorate what he called ''a barn''.

Why is Femke the right travel expert

Having started traveling at 16 years old, I know it is not the 5 star hotels that create those unforgettable memories. In reality it is authentic places you visit, the local people you meet and the kind woman on the shop at the corner who held on to your phone for hours when you left it in all the excitement of exploring the city (that actually happened) that makes traveling worthwhile.

Travel broadens your horizon and should thus be available for anyone! With that knowledge, I customize trips that would avail my clients a trip they would remember and talk about for years to come. I work with your preferred budget, your preferred destinations and your preferred duration. I strive to make traveling possible the way you want it, to the places of your interest! Therefore guaranteeing that unique experience custom-made around your wishes and requirements.

So its all about you and your once in a lifetime experience!