I was born in Persia, Tehran and have lived here for 30 years. Growing up in a family of travelers, I’ve had the unique opportunity of traveling through this incredible country of mine from a very young age. When I was a child, I wanted to visit all the countries in the world and learn about different cultures and traditions. This interest led me to tourism and discovering more about my motherland.

I earned a bachelor of tourism and travel services management and have been working in the field for around 8 years. I work with enthusiasm at Surfiran travel agency as a marketing manager.

I love sharing the beauty and culture of Persia with the world. I am knowledgeable about Iran and its cities and attractions. It is my pleasure to help people visit Persia, the cradle of civilization!

Farzaneh's Travel Expertise

I specialize in organizing tours and vacations to all the most beautiful places in Iran. I prepare tours of any length and type. I have several fixed departure tours in small groups, and can also tailor-make tours according to your preferences. I help you to create unforgettable journeys throughout Persia in order to bring Iran closer to the world and the world closer to Iran.

Expert Activities

Farzaneh's best travel experience

I have traveled all over Iran— to the magical sand dunes in the central desert, the proud mountain ranges in the west, the mysterious islands in the south and the ancient forests in the north. These experiences have all been the best experiences of my life. One visit in particular that really stands out is the night I spent in the heart of the desert. I watched the beautiful sky in pure silence. Another time, I camped in a traditional cottage in the north of Iran and woke up to the sounds of nature.

Why is Farzaneh the right travel expert

I make a great travel expert because I know Iran inside and out, and I can prepare an itinerary according to your requests and calculate the best price. I love my job as a tour manager in Iran and I work with enthusiasm. I look forward to helping each traveler plan the perfect trip to Iran based on their own wishes and expectations.