I grew up in Brittany, France, 15 minutes away from the sea. Moving to Bolivia, a country that does not have access to the sea, was not an easy decision to make! However, after living in Germany, Spain, and Quebec, I decided to fly to new horizons, ones that were more authentic and preserved than anything I had known.

Traveling really is my passion, but there are many things I like to do! I like to dance (especially bachata), to go trekking (I highly recommend the Takesi trek in Bolivia, this one really is amazing!), listen to music, learn new things, and, like all French people, I absolutely LOVE eating!

I would be happy to help you design the trip of your dreams! Let's talk together and define what options would be best for you! :)

Élise's Travel Expertise

Since I have been in Bolivia, I have visited a lot of places and thanks to that, I can give you the best advice! I like to go trekking and there are so many options here. For example, I really like trekking in Real Cordillera. I also like chilling, and one great place to do that is in the tropical valley of the Yungas, for example.

However, what I like the most is to share experiences with the local communities. If you like doing some communitarian (or community-based) tourism, you will be more than happy in Bolivia! You can encounter inhabitants and share moments with local people in Tuni, Santiako de Okola, Sucre, or even in the Amazon.

Élise's best travel experience

Last December, I climbed to the top of the Irruputuncu Volcano to overcome my fear of heights. It was difficult, but in the end, I pushed my own limits and managed to go all the way up. Thanks to this experience, I know that everything is possible and that even our biggest fears are surmountable. Also, the view was incredible! It really was worth the challenge.

Why is Élise the right travel expert

Living in a country is the best way to get to know the culture and the most beautiful places. My passion for Bolivia and for my job make all the difference: I will do my best to satisfy you and to respond to your requests. I will put all my effort into organizing the trip you have dreamt about and offer you an unforgettable experience.