Hello everyone and welcome to my profile! My name is Elgerta, and I am the travel expert you are looking for.

I grew up in Berat, "the city of a thousand windows", in Albania. I studied in France and now I live and work in Tirana. I absolutely love travel, and I want to share my passion for traveling and the beauty of the Balkan landscape with you.

Traveling has given me a different perspective on the world, which is why I left France after my studies to return to my country and promote its beauty, culture, and history to the world. Albania is a small country with great tourist potential, offering fairy-tale journeys through the Alps and the Riviera, as well as rocky beaches and wild nature, and for these reasons, it deserves my full dedication.

As a French teacher, I have always wanted to interact with people of different nationalities and cultures and this job has brought me into contact with people from all over the world.

Elgerta's Travel Expertise

For years I have been organizing tailor-made trips to Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro and Greece. In Albania you can find everything, mountains, sea, river, fields, lakes, and so much more, all of which I know very well!

I am also an expert in cultural and culinary tours, archaeological and UNESCO sites, hiking, cycling, 4x4, kayaking, canyoning, rafting and many other activities in the Balkan countries.

Elgerta's best travel experience

I have visited many countries in Europe, but as a French teacher, I would choose France as my first and best experience.

I think that the first experience is always remarkable, because it opens a big window on the world and makes you change the colors of your way of seeing things. France is the home of culture, fashion and gastronomy, with a great history behind it that hides unforgettable memories to live.

Why is Elgerta the right travel expert

Many years traveling in Albania, and exploring the Balkans and some European countries, has allowed me to become an expert in the field of tourism. For years I have been preparing tailor-made trips, assisting travelers interested in Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, and Greece to design their dream holiday. I am committed to providing a high level of service and safety to all interested travelers.

You simply decide when you want to come and let me show you the beautiful canyons and endless rivers, the Alps, the pearl of the Albanian Riviera, the richness of the flora and fauna, and above all the incredible hospitality of the Albanians! You will only want to return to Albania!