My family is in the aviation business, so I have been traveling and adventuring my whole life. One of my first memories is on a plane and traveling. What I've learned from this lifestyle is that I love connecting with people from all around the world. I was born in Ecuador, raised in the United States, and have since moved back to Ecuador. I truly have a passion for showing visitors this small yet amazing country and helping them create unforgettable memories of it!

More than just a typical travel agent, I like to be considered a local friend who is there for you when you arrive in Ecuador and who is willing to recommend or assist you with anything you need, while showing you all the beauty this magical and adventurous country has to offer!

Daniel's Travel Expertise

My specialty is my own country, Ecuador! I love adventure trips balanced with well-earned leisure and relaxation. The cool part about Ecuador is that it is a country that has so much to see in such a small area, from towering mountains and volcanoes, beautiful beaches, to lush rain and cloud forests. Of course, we cannot forget the Galapagos Islands.

I am also an expert in connecting with people and showing them the beauty of this country, the rich culture, delicious food, wildlife, and amazing landscapes to explore.

Daniel's best travel experience

It’s impossible to choose just one experience because all of them have their magic and are unique in some way. From family adventures to crazy escapades with friends, travel experiences are a key part of my life, with unforgettable adventures and memories.

One in particular that stands out is the time some friends from an online videogame came to Ecuador and we had a blast traveling together as I tried to show them the many things this country has to offer.

On a different trip, I got to see my favorite band at a concert in Peru, a month before it disbanded. It was amazing how you can collectively connect with people with music, no matter the nationality.

Another amazing experience was backpacking in Europe with my wife on a trip filled with adventure and relaxation where we connected with truly amazing people.

Why is Daniel the right travel expert

I make a great travel expert because I’ve been traveling my whole life, inside Ecuador and around the world, so I know what travelers want and expect. I am familiar with all different people, and I have a thirst to learn more about other cultures while showing my own.

As a former scout, I love exploring, so I am always finding interesting places to show to visitors. I am also a local, so I have insider knowledge and language about the best places to visit and the best ways of traveling locally. Most importantly, my passion is showing the world to the world and creating unforgettable memories for people that come here.