Hi everyone, my name is DaeHee Won and I am the founder and CEO of, a South Korean tour operator. For me, tourism wasn’t my first career choice. I studied and worked in the marketing field for years, but after I took a trip to Europe, I discovered a passion for traveling, sharing, and discovering new cultures. I decided to help people discover my country. When I came back to Korea, I started to learn more about the tourism industry and how I could get involved to make my passion into a job. I won an internship at one of the most famous travel agencies in Seoul, which was an amazing experience. I learned so much during my time in this company and was able to acquire the necessary tools to fulfill my dream.

In 2014 I opened my own company with one goal in mind, to create the best itineraries and provide professional but friendly customer service. Fast forward to 5 years later, the company has grown, and I am proud to be working with a young and dynamic team, who is always ready to help and have fun with our customers coming from all over the world.

My passion for traveling comes from the fact that I love meeting new people, it is cliché but it is true. I enjoy talking to people, learning about their culture, and sharing mine with them. I am motivated to always grow and learn not only professionally but also personally, and my team and I are always improving our services to make sure to keep the same mindset that we started with.

DaeHee's Travel Expertise

I specialize in providing the type of tours that not only help travelers learn about and discover the location but also help travelers engage with locals, just as if they were traveling with a friend.

I also focus on private tours that take place via private cars with just you and your close ones. I will take you on a journey to discover the best of South Korea for one day or more! You can choose one of the tours that we already have or I can customize a tour just for you.

Let me guide you on a new adventure!

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DaeHee's best travel experience

During college, I traveled to Europe for school, and it was at this time that I discovered my passion for travel. I was shocked by all the differences to my own culture; it was a totally new world for me: food, culture, transports, houses. The world I left suddenly opened and I saw infinite possibilities. I also met some of my closest friends during this trip. One of them was a guide that I met in London during a tour, I was so impressed by the way he did his job that the idea of doing the same in my country started to bloom in my head.

Why is DaeHee the right travel expert

If you want to experience South Korea with a local who is passionate about his job, ready to accommodate your needs and help make this the best trip that you’ve ever have then you should definitely contact me. I will make sure to provide you the best tour that you’ve ever had. You make a wish, we make a tour!