I grew up in Buenos Aires, a cosmopolitan city that sparked an interest in different cultures and taught me about empathy. This was very helpful for my future job in terms of better understanding the expectations of a South America traveler and also the unique experiences South America has to offer.

What I most love about traveling is learning about the secrets and stories that build the mysticism of a place, like native legends that explain the birth of a waterfall or the reason for any specific fauna in a region, for example. Travel allows you to embrace the local life and culture.

What I like most are active trips, including trekking, adventures, and sailing. I also like taking tailored tours to explore every corner of a place and to discover the unique highlights of a destination.

Claudia's Travel Expertise

I specialize in active trips, as these are also my personal favorite. This includes trekking, adventure activities, sailing and more. I'm also an expert in tours that allow visitors to see both the "best of" highlights of a destination or to explore every corner! I am also a specialist in luxury, eco, and nature/outdoor trips. Food is also something I like to give focus on my trips, as the cuisine is part of the local culture of any destination.

Claudia's best travel experience

I love animals and think that learning about them helps us understand our responsibility as humans in taking care of the Earth. Seeing and learning about the whales in Puerto Madryn was one of my memorable trips! The majesty of this animal is outstanding, not only in size but in many aspects including its social and breeding behavior, its physiognomy evolution, the sacrifice of the mother to give birth and feed the child and how they are curious and love playing despite being the biggest animal alive.

I also got to learn more about penguins on this trip. Really close to Puerto Madryn is one of the biggest Magellan Penguin colonies in the world, where the birds reproduce and lay their eggs. The landscape here is of the immense Patagonian aridity in its encounter with the ocean, simply powerful. It was such a mind-opening trip!

Why is Claudia the right travel expert

I’ve been working in the travel industry for over 15 years and, from all different areas, I have learned about hospitality and traveler care. When I get feedback from travelers and I know I've helped them plan and arrange every detail of a once-in-a-lifetime trip, and succeeded in showing the best of my country, it’s so satisfying!

I’ve traveled myself to the most important cities in Argentina and South America and have plenty of experience in planning trips to South America highlights. I love my job and feel motivated about putting all my expertise to make a vacation into a personalized once-in-a-lifetime trip!