I am a born and bred South African with a love for our culturally diverse country. I have also traveled to over 50 countries and know the importance of having someone with local knowledge and advice to give you tips on where to go for those unforgettable experiences.

I am the managing director of an inbound tour operator offering unique and customized tours for individual and group international travelers wanting to explore our beautiful country. I love making people's dreams a reality and finding unique and off-the-beaten-track places.

I am also the founder of a non-profit organization that runs various humanitarian and conservation projects in Africa. These projects vary from assisting schools in townships with managing, fundraising, and renovations to sports development projects; teaching skills such as swimming, skating, and surfing, and allowing participants to compete nationally.

Carla's Travel Expertise

I specialize in South Africa, including places such as Cape Town, the Garden Route, the west coast, Kruger National Park, Johannesburg, and Durban.

In terms of activities, my expertise includes road trips around the country, foodie tours, wine tours, adventure activities like kite surfing, water surfing, shark cage diving, wildlife safaris, extreme sports activities, and more

I also know a lot about and promote responsible travel ideas, including offering volunteering days or weeks, and community visits.

As a guide a tour organizer, I know how to find the best accommodation, car hire, restaurants, wine farms and local advice on great places to eat and explore!

Expert Activities

Carla's best travel experience

Where do I start? I can't choose so I'll leave you a few one-liners. If you want to know more, just ask :-)

- South Africa: Traveling from Durban to Cape Town without touching a main road
- Namibia: Our 4x4, sand deep to the door in the Skelton Coast Desert with no signal or person in sight.
- Peru: Sunrise at Machu Picchu
- Russia: Drinking vodka shots with the international police in Moscow
- China: Having photos taken of me by the locals on the Great Wall of China
- Cuba: Getting lost in Havana with no road names
- Czech Republic: Going head-to-head with a tram in Prague
- UK: Being stuck in Dover on the way to France with no visa
- USA: Traveling coast-to-coast across America
- Zanzibar: Dive tackling a Masai warrior on the beach

The list goes on...

Why is Carla the right travel expert

I have a great passion for South Africa and love exploring its diverse landscapes, tasting foods of international standards, sipping on world-class wines, and immersing myself in the many cultures and the history of our country.

I love to show off our country and believe strongly in cross-cultural understanding. I think that people from different cultural backgrounds learn to understand each other through travel. I believe in creating a sustainable and ethical bridge between tourists and locals wanting to assist communities in need, as demonstrated through my non-profit organization.