I was born and raised in Istanbul, as were my parents, however my family roots are from Trabzon in the Black Sea area. Apart from travel, I also love to sail, and this is something I make sure I do every year.

I have been working in travel with the same company since I was a student at university, where I worked part-time as a trainee. I have moved in many different departments; I started as a receptionist and moved to operations, then customer relations, and I’ve even been a tour leader! But I love being a travel consultant and designing new tours and custom itineraries for our travelers. Since I have been working in the same company for the last 13 years, I guess I am doing the right job!

Canan's Travel Expertise

I love designing trips for small groups; like family gatherings and friend unions. Every group member has different tastes which makes it a fun challenge to create an itinerary that suits everyone.

The key part of a great trip is to have a balance; a trip should include culture, and history but also fun activities like a day trip to Saklikent Gorge or a cruise day. I also love to help visitors get closer to Turkish daily life and culture – especially in rural areas. So I make sure each itinerary includes visits to off-the-beaten places.
I also have experience investigating new activities or unique tours like food discovery tours, cooking classes, or golf tours, for example. This allows travelers to do something different than usual tourist activities.

Canan's best travel experience

As I mentioned, I love sailing and this is something I do every year. Once when I was swimming from the boat to the coastline, a shadow started to come from the deep. I stopped and waited with a bit of fear. Then a big Caretta appeared only a few meters away from me. It was a bit scary but still so exciting! I feel so lucky that I had the opportunity to swim with a Caretta.

Why is Canan the right travel expert

I have lots of experience in designing tours and activities within the destinations we operate, and I love the challenge of designing the best trips. I also prefer to include something really authentic and unique on the itineraries; I know how and when to suggest off-the-beaten places in combination with the best popular places.

It is important to have a travel consultant who understands your needs and works with you flexibly. Also, from experience I know that a travel consultant needs to be patient, it takes several attempts to reach the ultimate itinerary.

Most importantly, I love helping travelers achieve their dream holiday at the most affordable rates.