I grew up on farms in Australia near the inland NSW city of Wagga Wagga, as part of a family with strong roots in exploring and traveling the world. In the 1990s I lived for five years in South America, learning to speak Spanish and Portuguese, teaching English, playing and coaching rugby, and traveling extensively throughout the continent.

When I returned to Australia, I wanted to stay connected to travel so I took a tour guiding course and was employed by Bridgeclimb in 1998. I also started Colourful Trips, a tour operating company specializing in providing travel services to the international student sector. This company evolved into a complete tour service and in 2017 I bought a niche tour brand specializing in regional food and wine experiences. In 2018 I launched Professional Educational Programs Abroad (PEPA), an educational/tourism brand bringing faculty-led university groups from the USA into Australia and New Zealand.

With the impact of COVID 19 and the requirement to pivot and create a domestic product, I started Colourful Collective Travel, aimed at the 4–5-star traveler with day and multiday itineraries throughout Australia.

I love to create unique itineraries that showcase both the popular and the lesser-known experiences in Australia. I have designed literally hundreds of itineraries for groups traveling within Australia and ensure that guests – irrespective of their budget or requirements – have a thoroughly enjoyable experience that exceeds their expectations.

Brett's Travel Expertise

Australia is a BIG place. When delivering travel experiences and bespoke itineraries in any part of Australia you need a professional network of travel connections that encompass the whole range of travel experiences from accommodation to transport to activities to hospitality.

My travel expertise currently focuses on food, wine, and nature in all parts of Australia. Large scale, boutique, quirky, premium, romantic, low cost, active, outdoor, cultural, food, and wine, it’s a lot of choice and I have experience with all of it! I have more than 23 years of experience in travel and have seen almost all of Australia.

Expert Activities

Brett's best travel experience

When I was backpacking through South America in the 1990s, there was no internet and maybe 1-2 guidebooks; and where I wanted to go wasn’t covered. It was generally potholed dirt roads or no roads at all, with rivers being the main routes. But I knew that no matter how remote a village was, people have to be able to leave via some route or another. Foot, boat, or jeep, I just had to ask the locals and find out how to get from A to B.

Consequently, I really did venture into the real backwaters of Brazil and Colombia, relying on not much else than my wits and the kindness of strangers. Amazing times that are probably not possible now. I treasure these memories, and if I can, at least try and include in my itineraries little gems or quirky inclusions that are the glue that bind the more significant experiences together.

Why is Brett the right travel expert

When creating and putting together itineraries, I take the view that the experiences and activities included are best delivered by the locals of that area. Neither I nor my team can possibly know everything about anything. Our extensive network of travel connections ensures direct engagement with locals, which allows local experts to explain what they do and why they’re passionate about it.

Plus, I want you to have an authentic experience. Have fun staying in an Australian pub, eat an Australian hamburger with beetroot, stop at a roadside stall, take the windy backroad, having a beer with a local, sit in silence in a national park hearing the sounds of the bush, drive your own car, take a plane, catch a train, I and my company can facilitate all of this.

I can also ensure absolute attention to the minor details so an itinerary flows smoothly and our guests have nothing to worry about. You’re on a holiday. It’s our job to make it one of the best holidays of your life!

Our reward is your happiness. It’s that simple.