Hi! My name is Anvar and I was born in Tashkent, the capital of Uzbekistan. I speak four languages: English, Russian, Turkish and native Uzbek. I have been working in tourism for almost 20 years, since 2001. I started with a job working the night shift at a private hotel and during this time, I found I enjoyed learning about different cultures from the visitors. I also tried to give the visitors helpful information and guidance about my country. It was such a natural and interesting learning curve that I had no doubt that I want to make my path in tourism. So, in 2007 I joined Advantour. From my humble beginnings in a hotel booking team, I am now a travel consultant.

As an old-school man, I like reading a lot. The books of Alexander Dumas and Utkir Khoshimov, a contemporary Uzbek writer, take a special place in my home library and heart. I also like watching and playing football; my favorite football team is Barcelona. My dream is to travel to South America.

Anvar's best travel experience

I was very impressed when I traveled to Darvaza Gas Crater in Turkmenistan and the Seven Lakes Region in the Fann Mountains, Tajikistan. When I saw the lifestyle of the local people in these places, I understood how spoilt we have become in our houses, where everything is available with the turn of a tap or click of a button, like hot water, heat, etc. This was an important lesson for me, not to take anything for granted. Also, the scenery in both places was fantastic, something I will never forget.

Why is Anvar the right travel expert

I am a very easy-going travel expert and always try to put myself into my client’s shoes. My experience helps me build the most efficient itineraries and to ensure you have a very memorable journey in the Five Stans, and, hopefully, to leave with a wish to come back again.

In picking me as a travel expert you are trusting not only me but Advantour, a local travel company with offices along the Silk Road countries and almost two decades of experience.