I started travelling and trekking from an early age. This was possible because I grew up in a family that is passionate about working in the travel and tourism industry. I started my first 7 days trek carrying my own backpack at the age of 9 in the beautiful Annapurna region in Nepal. Since then, my passion to travel has only grown. I have since travelled to the USA, China, India, Israel, France, Italy, Canada, Norway and have organized trips in the Himalayas(Nepal, India, Tibet, Bhutan) and in Greenland. Travelling is an adventurous experience while at the same time humbling. So, the more I travel, the more I realize that there is much to be explored. After travelling a bit and getting a Master in International Hospitality management, I feel passionate about continuing to explore adventurous destinations and helping create the most memorable experiences.

Anuj's Travel Expertise

Active travel with a focus on connecting to the nature. The wild unspoiled Nordic Countries. Walking, trekking, kayaking, dog-sledding, wild camping, snowshoeing, skiing... From accessible family holidays to extreme expeditions.

The Nordic countries truly do hold a special place in my heart, especially the local culture, the intriguing history and the unique geography. For centuries, local people have practiced outdoor activities like hiking and sea kayaking here in order to connect to the wild nature. What better way to discover the heart of these countries than to immerse yourself in the wilderness and enjoy such traditional activities among the flora and fauna? Pair this experience with insider information relayed by an expert guide or from a detailed roadbook and you have got yourself an authentic adventure which reveals the true heart of your chosen destination.

Anuj's best travel experience

It was the year 2015, on a cold night in November, me and a client were half asleep trying to get some shut eye before we started climbing the Island Peak in the Everest region in Nepal. It was already difficult to sleep with the cold temperature and on top of that the altitude at the base camp was not helping either.
Without getting much sleep, we took our breakfast at around 2 am, got our packed lunch and set off to climb. As we gained the altitude the breathing started getting more difficult. Once we got to a point where we had to put our cramponds on and climb with ice axe and ropes, we crossed some others that were returning because some of their clients got sick because of the altitude.
With two mantras "slowely but surely" and "one step at a time" we made it to the top of the Island peak. There were several difficult moments that could have broken our motivation and courage to continue if weren't for our courage, the team spirit , trust and the magic of being in Nature. It was not just arriving on top that was unique but more of the intence feeling of being alive while crossing new limits that you previously thought were not possible that makes this experiance unforgetable.

Why is Anuj the right travel expert

If you pick me as your local expert I can guarantee you total honesty, real expertise and my full support not only in the run-up to your trip but also during and after your adventure. I am super lucky to be part of the Altai family, a close-knit team of experts, who are all passionate about sharing our love for exploring the Nordic countries. If you choose me as your local travel expert, you are in fact also picking the support of the Altai family as well as all of our local contacts and connections.