More than ten years ago, after having visited and worked in this stunning country, I decided to move from Germany to Iceland. Since then, the fascination I have with the island has been my steady companion. As a certified Iceland tour guide, I have been able to introduce my country of choice to visitors from all over the world for several years.

Since 2014 I have been working for the tour operator Erlingsson Naturreisen, which is a small but popular travel agency in downtown Reykjavík that puts an emphasis on Icelandic nature and culture. Occasionally, I do some guiding which keeps me updated about changes in the country. After having been here for so many years, I am still curious to explore new locations and share my knowledge and experience with you to create an ideal, unforgettable trip!

Anne's Travel Expertise

I specialise in all the popular nature highlights around the ring road, which leads you around the island, and also in the popular highland spots and the west fjords. The agency for which I am working, Erlingsson Naturreisen, offers a great variety of car rental tours, where you get a route suggestion, the rental car and accommodation booked in advance. I can easily add activities like hiking, bird and whale watching, glacier walks, boat tours and caving excursions to a self-drive tour.

Anne's best travel experience

One memorable travel experience I had was on one of my many trips to Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon as a tour guide. The lagoon is full of blue icebergs and it never looks the same since the icebergs drift from the edge of the glacier into the open ocean driven by currents. Once, I went to the black beach to see stranded blocks of ice when a big group of gannets was hunting for fish. These are huge, elegant birds with a wingspan of up to 2 metres. Seeing so many, so close, and watching them throw themselves like arrows into the water was a major experience!

Why is Anne the right travel expert

During my almost ten years of tourism experience in Iceland, I have been on several different sides of the field. As a tour guide, I have been involved with a lot of people and have visited places not only once but many times in different seasons. As a sales agent, I keep a steady contact with my clients during the booking process and sometimes even during or after the trip. I can also help to find the most suitable trip for every individual or group. I can choose from a variety of options and give hints which activity matches a certain location, where to do a longer hike and, in recent years, how to avoid the crowds!