I am an American who has had the opportunity to travel all over - Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, and Mexico. For me, traveling meant making lasting friendships throughout the world. Through some of those friendships I was lucky enough to meet a girl from southern France, and I ended up marrying her! After living together in the US for 11 years, we decided to return to her home to raise our 3-year-old son. Living in a new country is made even more special when seeing it through my son's eyes.

After moving to Provence, France, I found an amazing opportunity with French Side Travel. Traveling has forever changed the course of my life. It's been enriching, at times challenging, but always worthwhile. Working as a travel designer means that I can share those amazing experiences with others and help them to realize the vacations of their dreams!

Andrew's Travel Expertise

I cover mainland France and Corsica. Sometimes this means luxury travel in Paris, the Loire Valley and the French Riviera. Other times its off-the-beaten-path markets in Provence and cooking classes in Normandy. No matter the region, a perennial favorite for my travelers is wine tours.

Since it's my home base, I am most familiar with the south of France, from the French Riviera area to Marseilles and Provence. Whenever I can get away to explore more, I do. Whether it's off to Paris, the French Alps, or France's west coast.

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Andrew's best travel experience

I will never forget the first time I visited the south of France. Discovering the amazing food, the history of the region, the beautiful countryside and the relaxed way of life was a revelation. The few months after I moved to Provence were amazing — I took the time to explore my new surroundings and discover life as a "local". There's nothing like finding secret cafés, little-known restaurants, hidden beaches, or getting a deeper sense of the region's history and vibrant culture.

Why is Andrew the right travel expert

Living in France means that I spend my time outside of work exploring and experiencing tourism hot spots. I love visiting and revisiting the sites, tasting local specialties, and figuring out which wineries, tours, and markets are most worthy of my travelers' time. It's a great pleasure to uncover gems and point you towards experiences you might have otherwise missed.