I grew up surrounded by old legends and myths in a medieval town where every stone has a history behind it. My family loved traveling and travel was part of my life from my very early years. Historical places, museums and theatres were part of my childhood; this is when my love of travel and learning new things started. I believe that travel is a state of a soul and mind; when curiosity brings you to hidden gems or off the beaten path, and you are able to see the beauty in small things and appreciate differences in cultures.

I have many years’ experience in the travel industry and I am eager to share that knowledge with my customers. My professional experience includes destination management, MICE and guiding/tour leading. I am also fluent in English, Estonian, Norwegian and Russian.

I am in love with the country I live in and my curious mind ensures I always continue exploring, thinking of more interesting or unique routes and doing my best to show my guests the country through my eyes. To me, every guest is royalty — someone that should be treated with respect and professionalism. You won’t be bored exploring places that we introduce you to and I am sure you’ll love them as much as I do.

Alla's best travel experience

It was actually a very average trip that is one of my most memorable experiences. Sometimes, you realize a place is more exciting than you ever thought. If you go with an open mind, you just might find something exciting just around the corner.

I was on a trip to explore the beautiful fjord Ålesund, the diamond in the Norwegian crown. After breakfast, it was announced that we would go fishing. I objected because fishing is not my cup of tea. But the captain was so friendly, and my friends insisted that we go, so I agreed. We went out in a boat on the mirror clear water, passing a few islands, and there it was. The amazing fjord, which ends in Geiranger. Ok, it was a fantastic view, but fishing? I was given a rod with a lure on it. “Just drop it in” I was told, and polite as I am, I did. What I did not expect was what happened next. Something in the deep found this lure interesting and swallowed it. The rod bent toward the surface and I screamed like a child. All of a sudden, I felt an excitement I cannot recall ever feeling before. I wanted to give the rod to the captain, but he assured me that I would be able to handle it. With some pieces of good advice, I managed to get the catch up. A 3 kg cod on the first attempt! It did not stop there, I got mackerel, pollock, and haddock within an hour. I got the first, the largest and the most fish of them all. My husband still goes silent in envy when we speak about this fishing trip. I was hooked, literally.

Why is Alla the right travel expert

I do my best to provide our guests with all possible information about local traditions, customs and cultural specialties. I carefully select partners from tour operators and guides, taking the time to meet them personally and make sure they have an advantage over competitors in terms of the level of services they provide. All testimonials I receive from our guests inspire me to think of more, new exciting programs and to keep searching for new ideas to stay a step ahead of other local destination managers.

A few tips: In order to save time and energy on your arrival day, book your tours in advance. Also, never hesitate to ask for rooms with a panoramic view when booking a hotel. And most important, be sure that going off the beaten path can still lead you to the same popular attractions yet will make your trip unique and memorable!