I was born and raised in Quito, the capital of Ecuador. I studied at UDET (Universidad de Especialidades Turísticas) for 3 and a half years to obtain my degree in Tourism. Then, as a National Tour Guide, I worked for over 10 years with many travel companies leading groups all over South America.

I always considered the possibility of having my own tour company. I wanted to make travelers fall in love with Ecuador by offering bespoke experiences that would remain forever in their souls.

As a guide, I noticed that the conventional tours offered were not suitable for everyone and most people who booked these tours did so because there were no other choices to visit Ecuador. I felt that tour programs were missing many places, and even our visitors were noticing.

So, in 2010, I took the challenge to fulfill my dream, creating my own company. Since then I have been committed to providing the best tour experiences in Ecuador and many other destinations in Latin America, showing my passion for what I do every day.

Alejandro's Travel Expertise

I specialize in active holidays and adventures in Ecuador and Latin America. I am also an expert at planning customized travel programs; I can help you plan your ideal itinerary for your holiday. Whether you're interested in architecture tours, hiking in Rucu Pichincha, exploring Lake Cuicocha, or experiencing the wonders of Latin America, I can create a great tour for you. I don’t consider my duties at the company a job, I just follow my passion, which is helping provide memorable tour experiences!

Alejandro's best travel experience

I still remember an exceptional time when I led a group of blind guests through Ecuador. I knew that it would be a challenge given the special needs, but I rose to it.

The first day, the guests were worried about the tour in general, but I explained that the tour would be a “senses” tour; I focused on them trying local products, smelling and touching everything I showed them.

At the end of the tour, they were all pleased with the experience and said they never realized how developed their other senses were from not being able to see. They visited Ecuador for 10 days and I still keep all the awesome moments in my mind. After this tour, I realized that there are no limits to creating great tour experiences.

Why is Alejandro the right travel expert

I think I am a great option if you want help setting the best tour program! My travel expertise and willingness to assist all guests at any time, even with different time zones, are excellent qualities. I am also very dedicated to planning tour details making sure your experience is unforgettable in the best possible way.

I feel fortunate that my passion is my work — I enjoy it every single time that people contact me regarding travel assistance in Latin America. I never underestimate a guest’s travel ideas because I know how important it is to make people feel comfortable and happy. Remember there are no crazy tour ideas, all are the starting of an awesome tour experience!