Born and raised in France, between different regions; from the sea to the cities, I quickly fell in love with adventures through several expeditions and travels. The spirit of traveling that was instilled in me growing up, encouraged me to go on a 4-year long travel around the globe, which I'm proud to say I completed without using any air travel. It was during this trip that I came across Altaï, which gave me the opportunity to provide my expertise to other people dreaming the same dreams of nature and wonders.

I am now a specialist for Norway, Iceland and Finland so it is my pleasure to be able to share this knowledge in order to help create the best trip possible for our travelers.
So feel free to ask me anything, as we all know that there are no stupid questions, but only stupid answers. So the pressure is on me :-) !

Adrien's best travel experience

I was with a group of travelers in the Lapland in the middle of winter. We were sleeping in the snowy forest. Note that at this time of the year there are only few hours of sun per day, so our activities were mostly made at night.

As I moved out of the trappers hut where we were spending the night, a couple of dogs rose from their snow holes to inquire about the movements in the shadow, and when they saw me their tails moved quickly to welcome me into the the night.

But it was still too soon to settle the sledge so I started walking on the icy lake, being careful to avoid the holes that we had dug the previous day in order to alternate a frozen dive with the warmth of the Finnish sauna.

After a few minutes of walking I heard the dogs calling and singing to the moon. First one, then the other, but then all of them together. It was only then that I noticed that there were no moon that night. No moon, but a beautiful green and purple line dancing in front of the darkness of the sky — I was facing the Northern Lights! It was at that moment that I remembered why traveling was so essential.

Why is Adrien the right travel expert

If you pick me as your local expert I can guarantee you total honesty, real expertise, and my full support not only to the run-up to your trip but also during and after your adventure. I am super lucky to be part of the Altai family, a close-knit team of experts, who are all passionate about sharing our love for exploring the Nordic countries. If you choose me as your local travel expert, you are in fact also picking the support of the Altai family, as well as all of our local contacts and connections.