Hello, my name is Adrien. I have been working for the same travel company for 6 years, but in multiple countries, from France to Finland to Canada and more! After 4 years of travel around the world visiting about 70 different countries, I decided to land in Indonesia, and Bali precisely. That says much about the beauty here.

What can I tell you about myself that can relay my passion for the outdoors and for Indonesia? The breathtaking experiences of climbing a volcano or diving into the deep sea? The laugh, quick confidence, and connections made when meeting a new friend from another country —despite a language barrier as big as the wall of China—that make these experiences both enriching and incredible? I am simply a person in love with the beauty of the world and ready to share it with anyone curious enough to discover it. So if you are a traveler, ready for an adventure, do not hesitate to contact me!

Adrien's Travel Expertise

I have lots of experience as a traveler and as a travel guide. Now, I specialize in places and activities around Bali and Indonesia, and I help travelers from all around the world experience the best trip they can possibly imagine on these wonderful islands. I really like practicing outdoor activities, such as snorkeling, cycling, hiking, yoga, etc so I have particular knowledge in these areas, although I can organize any type of trip or tour. I know how to help plan an authentic trip that brings you closer to the culture and local experiences of a place.

Adrien's best travel experience

I remember, about 10 years ago, I was hiking the Semeru volcano in Central Java during the rainy season. I started out alone but not for long—I soon met local workers and miners with whom I became friends and for 3 days we walked together, sharing stories and hardships to climb the mountain. The greatest part was when, last minute, we ended up missing the sunrise on top of the volcano, but we had a good laugh about it, while surrounded by the spectacular morning colors. A few days later, while saying goodbye to my friends, I saw some turtles in the Menjangan islands coming to tell us goodbye. Simple moments like this are what made the trip so memorable.

Why is Adrien the right travel expert

It is quite simple: I am just a regular, honest, and experienced traveler and I am at your service. If you want to know how the locals live and how to travel off the beaten track, if you want to know where to find a great cooking class after a 2-hour walk through the stunning rice fields, or if you prefer relaxing and enjoying the art of the place and of nature, you can contact me. And it will be my pleasure to give you all my tips!