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Tirana Tour Reviews

4.5 - Excellent Based on 24 customer reviews
Highlights of Albania Reviewed Tour: Highlights of Albania
5 - Excellent
“It was more than a holiday. It was an adventure. So exciting to visit a country that is still emerging but accessible enough to explore so much of. Itinerary was full and varied but not exhausting. Gradual 'feed' of information from our own guide and others on route reinforced by visits to sites. Group size sensibly restricted. Living out of a suitcase not as daunting as expected as this enabled us to see so much more. Enough time allotted for most places except might have been better to have had more time in Berat and a brief stop in Durres.”
A very interesting trip Reviewed Tour: Highlights of Albania
4 - Very Good
“I really enjoyed this trip to this little visited country. It is so little visited we hardly saw any other tourists on our travels. It is correctly graded as a leisurely trip as there is no strenuous activity, but it is certainly a busy one with lots to see. The Albanian people are very friendly and welcoming. We saw stunning scenery and ate wonderful home grown food.”
Albania a Country of Contrasts Reviewed Tour: Highlights of Albania
5 - Excellent
“Every day on this trip brings new insight into Albania. Just when you think you have begun to understand the people and their country you learn or see something new which changes your opinion again. Our group of 14 (3 couples and the rest singles) set off on our adventure from the moment the plane landed, so be prepared this is a busy trip, but not too energetic.”
View of the Balkans Reviewed Tour: Balkan Discoverer
4 - Very Good
“This trip covers parts of Serbia, Macedonia and Albania. You see a variety of different places, including the capital cities of Belgrade, Skopje and Tirana, the hills / mountains in Serbia, beautiful Lake Ohrid, and many ancient and old sites ranging from Roman to Ottoman to relics from Albania's communist past. There are some beautiful places to see.”
Good Introduction to The Balkans Reviewed Tour: Balkan Discoverer
4 - Very Good
“This was my first trip to the Balkans and it was a good introduction to this misunderstood area. From great cities to great landscapes! We saw it all! I hope to return very soon.”
Balkan Dicoverer Reviewed Tour: Balkan Discoverer
4 - Very Good
“A very enjoyable trip to 3 countries. i think the day in Bosnia Herzogovina (lunch, train ride, bridge over the River Drina and film director's villages) was not necessary and the time could have been better spent elsewhere. the rest of the trip was very good and varied.”
Balkans Reviewed Tour: Balkan Discoverer
4 - Very Good
“Trip to former Yugoslavia (Serbia, Macedonia, Bosnia) and Albania. These are countries I had on my radar to visit but all the research I did revealed that they were not easy to get to so this trip was perfect.”
Balkan Discoverer Reviewed Tour: Balkan Discoverer
4 - Very Good
“This is a really enjoyable, varied trip that gives a great introduction to three interesting countries (and a brief sojourn into Bosnia) encompassing history, beautiful scenery, and the hustle and bustle of the capital cities thrown in for good measure. There are a number of longish drives, but to see so much in 11 days I guess this can't really be avoided”
Snowshoeing in Albania Reviewed Tour: Snowshoeing in Albania
5 - Excellent
“Snowshoeing in Albania was excellent. Blue skies led to some stunning images of snow of the Valbone valley and surrounding mountains. Snowshoeing was good with local information about each area was very informative.Lots of happy people ready to help ensure our holiday was fantastic.”
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