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Tehran Cooking Classes Tours 2018/2019

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Tehran Tour Reviews

4.7 - Excellent Based on 11 customer reviews
Journey to Persia Reviewed Tour: Journey to Persia
5 - Excellent
“This was one of the most wonderful trips I've ever made - definitely worth wearing a head-scarf for a fortnight. Iran bombards you with sensations, whether you're staring up at the towering ruins of Persepolis, or delighting in the squinches and glowing tile work of Esfahan's Loftollah mosque, or exploring a bazaar or enjoying the peace of the lake and fountains in Shiraz's flower-filled Eram garden - even on coach drives across the country, there are incredible mountain ranges to marvel at, as impressive in their magnificence as any of the man-made wonders that Persians, through all the many centuries of their history, have built to commemorate dynasties and their own remarkable creativity. And that's not to mention present-day Iranians - not grey, grim people, as our media would have us think, but amazingly welcoming: people who take a pride in their culture, who love colour and fun, who like nothing better than to picnic in one of their very many beautiful public gardens. Often they were keen to talk to us, which greatly added to our visit. Iran is a huge country, so we couldn't possibly see it all. But we did sample its amazing variety. As well as taking in Tehran and the historic cities of Yadz, Kerman, Shiraz and Esfahan, the trip also included a visit to a Zoroastrian mountain village and the troglodyte village of Maymand. Every day was filled with new experiences - a citadel built entirely of adobe, an ornately tiled hamam, a shrine to the poet Hafez, the Towers of Silence, where the Zoroastrians left their dead…Oh, and the bazaars, the bazaars…And all this in the company of a great bunch of like-minded fellow-travellers, whose charm and sense of humour completed the delight.”
AXP Journey to Persia Reviewed Tour: Journey to Persia
4 - Very Good
“This really was an excellent trip around Iran, one of the best Exodus trips I have been on. The first week is slightly more 'off the beaten track' and the second week focuses on Shiraz and Isfahan. I reached 'monument overload' on the second-to-last day which was a lot later than I had feared, as the sights, particularly in the first 10 days, were so varied and generally spectacular. Ladies clothing - a loose fitting shirt that covers the elbows and bottom is fine; trousers can be 'ankle-skimmers' but not 3/4 length, and can be slim fit. Comfy shoes are a must and a loose headscarf at all times. If you can, aim for darker clothes as Iranian ladies tend to wear a lot of black and dark colours. Food - I am semi-vegetarian and (unusually) really struggled on this trip. I normally eat chicken but tend to avoid it when travelling - here I ate loads of chicken as the alternative was vegetables boiled until they were virtually inedible, or in a few places pizza. Lunch wasn't always readily available, this was a general cultural issue (most cafe's served only drinks and chocolate cake). The nuts were fantastic and bananas were often available, as were biscuits and crisps. I'd taken 2 x quality protein-rich breakfast bars for each day; I wish I'd taken more.”
Fantastic introduction to Iran Reviewed Tour: Journey to Persia
5 - Excellent
“Absolutely loved this first trip to Iran with Exodus. Wonderful introduction to such a friendly part of the world packed with history, beautiful Islamic architecture and welcoming people.”
Fascinating Iran Reviewed Tour: Journey to Persia
4 - Very Good
“A Fascinating insight into a surprisingly modern and very friendly country.”
Incredible Persian Experiance Reviewed Tour: Journey to Persia
5 - Excellent
“This trip was one of the best group tours I have been on. Iran is full of history, beautiful monuments, wonderful food and extremely warm people. Foreigners are made to feel very welcome. Although wearing the headscarf was a pain, it was an insignificant inconvenience compared to the enjoyment of visiting Iran”
Why on earth are you going there? Reviewed Tour: Journey to Persia
4 - Very Good
“Very Good”
Fantastic!! Reviewed Tour: Highlights of Iran
5 - Excellent
“A brilliant trip through an amazing country, which so stimulated all of our senses.Unforgettable.”
Excellent Reviewed Tour: Living Life Like a Local in Tehran
Ms. Bridget D. At
5 - Excellent
“Ellie was an excellent host. I really enjoyed meeting her and her family and talking with them about their life in Iran. I made #2 "good" only because Ellie had a little trouble in some moments with English, but overall she was an excellent host, and I would highly recommend this experience to anyone.”
Tbilisi to Isfahan Reviewed Tour: Tbilisi to Isfahan
5 - Excellent
“What a wonderful trip; if you have an adventurous travel soul this will suit you perfectly! The sights and sounds were wonderful, the people we met were so friendly and hospitable it made for a wonderful experience. Georgia and Armenia where mountainous and green and being able to travel north to south in Iran was such a special experience.”
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