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Planning a trip to Italy?  You'll find yourself spoiled for choice with so many things to do and so many places to visit in Italy. Our travel guide is here to help you plan the perfect Italian vacation.

Let's get started by visiting the top cities in Italy, including Rome, a city rich with culture and history. Here, visit the Colosseum and go back in time to the Renaissance era. While you're exploring Rome, why not take a day trip from Rome to various destinations? Up next is Naples, the birthplace of pizza! There are so many things to do in Naples but the top attraction of Naples is exploring the ruins of Pompeii. Italy is a paradise for food enthusiasts with so many varieties of Italian delicacies to try. You're doing it wrong if you visit Italy and don't sip on Italian wine. There are various top cities for wine tasting, but nothing beats the wineries in Tuscany.  

Italy has something for everyone. For all you adventure junkies, Italy also offers iconic hiking trails. So put on your hiking boots and take it to the scenic hiking trails of Cinque Terre or the majestic mountains of the Dolomites. If you're looking for a laid-back vacation, visit the Italian lakes and dwell into the charming lake towns and spectacular views. You can also take a trip to the Italian beaches and visit the Sicilian beaches for its crystalline water and sandy beaches. And if time allows, take it to the beautiful Amalfi coast. You can check out this go-to Amalfi Coast itinerary to plan your stay in the Amalfi Coast.

Italy can be visited all year round but Italy in winter is majestic and Rome in winter is an experience you should not miss if you're in Italy during winter. Check out these Italy tours and experience a perfect Italian vacation!

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Italy is the ideal country to travel to for a number of reasons: the food, the views, the history, the people, everything about this beautiful country feels so perfect. T... Read more

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