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Vietnam in April: Tips For Festive Period

Spring is in full swing in April and Vietnam experiences some of its best weather from the north to the south. There are many festivities that visitors can attend during this time, while hiking trails are also at their most beautiful. Vietnam is one of the most affordable destinations to travel to in the world, and April is the month that gives you plenty of opportunities to see the major attractions across the country. Take a motorbike trip of the iconic Ha Giang loop or enjoy the boat tour in the stunning Ha Long Bay. Exploring Vietnam in April promises everything from coastal relaxation to action-packed highland adventures.

Vietnam Weather in April

View the skyline of Ho Chi Minh City in April.
Enjoy amazing sightseeing tours during sunny weather in Vietnam in April.

Vietnam in April has one of the best weather conditions. Ho Chi Minh City has sunny weather with temperatures on the higher end of the spectrum ranging between 26°C and 35°C, the central coast with Da Nang as its capital is much milder between 24°C and 31°C. In the capital city, Hanoi, expect highs of around 28°C and pleasant lows of 22°C.

Much of Vietnam sees little to no rain in April and the sea temperatures in the central regions can go up to 25°C— perfect for long days in the ocean. Check out our seasonal overview on the best time to visit Vietnam.

Why Visit Vietnam in April

See parades during Reunification Day in Vietnam in April.
Watch Vietnam celebrate the reunification of the north and the south with parades in April.
Fly to Vietnam in April and watch the city landscape.
Get amazing flight deals in Vietnam in April.

With great spring weather comes tons of things to do and places to visit in Vietnam during the month of April. Here are some highlights of why visiting the country this month is a good idea:

  • Reunification Day: The last day of April is one of the most important holidays on the Vietnamese calendar. Celebrate the reunification of north and south Vietnam with spectacular firework shows and massive gatherings across the country.
  • Hue Festival: Held every two years in April, Hue Festival honors Vietnamese traditions and customs. If you happen to be visiting Vietnam during the festival year, you can observe all the colorful aspects of the local culture.
  • Phu Giay Festival: This colorful festival held at the Phu Giay Pogoda falls from the first to the 10th day of the third lunar month. Enjoy traditional folk singing and games as pilgrims pay tribute to Lieu Hanh, one of the ‘four immortal gods’ in Vietnamese culture.
  • Hung King Temple Festival: From the eighth to the 11th day of the third lunar month, locals celebrate the Hung Kings with the main event held on the 10th day. On this day a colorful procession moves to the top of the mountain at the temple in northern Vietnam to honor the ancestors.
  • Better flight rates: As April falls in the shoulder season, flights to Vietnam are cheaper during this time. You will pay on average a third less for tickets during this time.

Where to go and what to do

Visit Cuc Phuong National Park to see the butterflies in April.
See butterflies swarm Cuc Phuong National Park in April.

April is an excellent time for hiking tours in Vietnam. Mild weather conditions and spring blossoms make hiking routes in Sapa and surrounding areas of Ba Be Lake, Mu Cang Chai and Dien Bien Phu particularly beautiful. You can also choose to hike through Nam Cat Tien National Park in the south to see the elusive gibbons in their natural habitat.

April is also a perfect time when you can do a blitz tour of the whole country and enjoy emptier spaces at some of the most popular attractions. You might stand a chance to get a people-free selfie on the Golden Hands Bridge in Da Nang or get a paddle boat as you explore the limestone cliffs of Ninh Bihn. Weather-wise, April is the best time to visit the iconic Ha Long Bay in the north. The bay area is often overcast or blanketed by a dense white fog during other times of year but in April, you have a good chance of enjoying its glory under clear blue skies.

Another natural wonder to behold in Vietnam is the hatching of cabbage white butterflies in Ninh Bihn’s Cuc Phuong National Park. Swarms of these delicate winged creatures take to the skies and decorate the foliage in a spectacle like none other. Almost 400 other butterfly species also hatch here in April, making it one of the most breathtaking natural displays in the country.

Vietnam in April is an absolute pleasure to visit. The country has one of the best weather conditions of all year, offering visitors the chance to explore its entire length and breadth. Celebrate the many festivals, learn about the local cultures, hike through the beautiful spring-blessed landscapes and see Ha Long Bay at its most picturesque.

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