Thailand in September: Weather, Tips & Cultural Escapade


Despite the fact that the rainy season covers the entire country, a trip to Thailand in September can still be a blissful experience if you are looking for a quiet and inexpensive getaway. The monsoon dominates the entire country around this time, bringing rain to the southern peninsula as well as the north and central mainland. So, this is the perfect time for travelers to take their adventures indoors and immerse themselves in the cultural treasures of Thailand’s top cities. With fewer tourist crowds and low-season discounts, September can be an excellent month to visit Thailand for budget travelers.

Thailand Weather in September

Temple of Emerald Budhha in cloudy sky in Thailand during September.
September is Thailand's peak monsoon season, so expect plenty of rain across the country.

The temperature in Thailand in September is generally warm, with an average high temperature ranging from 25°C to 33°. The Andaman coast is a bit cooler at 30°C. September is the peak monsoon month in Thailand, so expect plenty of rainfall across the country. Tourist traps such as Bangkok, Phuket, Ko Samui, and Chiang Mai receive an average of 17 to 19 rainy days. Thunderstorms and floods can also not be ruled out during this month.

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Weather in Thailand in September - Rainfall and Temperatures

Avg Daily (°C)323334353433333332323131
Avg Nightly (°C)212325262626262625252421
Avg Daily (°F)89.691.493.29593.291.491.491.489.689.687.887.8
Avg Nightly (°F)69.873.47778.878.878.878.878.8777775.269.8
Avg Rainfall (mm)1010501101801801801702201904010

Why Visit Thailand in September

Baan Dam museum in Chiang Rai, Bangkok.
Visit the Baan Dam museum in Chiang Rai and learn about the history of Thailand.
Wat Phra Kaew in Chiang Rai city of Bangkok.
Wat Phra Kaew has its own historical importance as it is the place where the Emerald Buddha was found.

Here are some reasons why you should consider visiting Thailand in September regardless of the rainy season:

  • Fewer crowds: Most visitors shy away from visiting Thailand in September due to the monsoon. This opens up opportunities to explore popular destinations without dealing with queues and crowds. For instance, this is a fantastic time to visit Bangkok’s Grand Palace.
  • Affordable rates: For budget travelers, September is an excellent month to visit Thailand. With fewer crowds, several hotels and tour operators offer deals and discounts during this time.
  • Lusher foliage: One of the wet season’s upsides is a more verdant countryside. Fed by rain, forests become lusher. Now is an excellent time to go park hopping in Chiang Rai or visit Elephant Valley.
  • Cultural escapade: Adding outdoor excursions during your Thai holiday in September might be tricky. But you do not have to worry about the rain when you are indoors. Visit the museums in Bangkok, go temple-hopping in Chiang Rai, or get to know northern cuisine in Chiang Mai.

Where to Go and What to Do

Wild elephant at a beautiful forest in Thailand during September.
Observe elephants in their natural habitat during your September trip to Thailand.

Create a weather-proof itinerary by focusing on the country’s top cities. For unforgettable indoor adventures, look no further than Bangkok, one of the best places to visit in Thailand in September.

Go temple-hopping or explore the vibrant gardens and open-air pavilions of the Thai capital city. You could also visit the cuisine-focused districts of Sathorn and Ekamai, or visit Wat Pho to see the famous Reclining Buddha.

Visit Chiang Rai which offers both nature and culture. Some of the best things to do in Thailand in September are listed here. See elephants in their natural habitat at Elephant Valley, or snap photos of the magnificent White Temple. When the weather turns for the worse, explore the Hilltribe Museum and the Oub Kham Museum.

When the weather permits, you can also explore the outdoors. Ko Samui offers spectacular kiteboarding and surfing adventures, while Kra Isthmus in the western region offers great scuba diving and snorkeling sites.

What to Bring

A girl enjoying the rain in Thailand during September.
While it is constantly training carry a lightweight, breathable waterproof jacket, rain boots, and an umbrella.

When packing for a trip to Thailand in September, make sure you are prepared for the rain. While it constantly pours, you should consider that Thailand’s wet season can also be hot and humid, so prepare accordingly. Bring a lightweight and breathable waterproof jacket, rain boots, and an umbrella. Mosquitoes are a force to be reckoned with during the wet season, so lug around insect repellant.

There are countless benefits to visiting Thailand in September, from fewer tourist crowds to discounted hotel rates. This is an ideal time to explore the indoor attractions and learn more about the cultural heritage of the country.

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