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Thailand’s beach resorts are bursting with travelers in December as visitors flock to experience Christmas in the tropics. A huge contrast to what you are likely to see back home, clear skies dominate the month in this part of the world, gifting day after day of uninterrupted sun. Beyond pleasant weather conditions, travel to Thailand in December means indulging in sightseeing tours. Be it the golden pagodas and gilt Buddhas of Bangkok that reflect sunlight in a charming display or the ruins of Ayutthaya that hark back to the heydays of the kingdom of Siam, no destination is out of bounds for anyone heading for the country during this time of year.

Thailand Weather in December

Road roundabout with car lots in Bangkok, Thailand in December
Visit the grand city of Bangkok during your tour to Thailand in December

Although one of the coolest months of the year – which also makes it one of the best times to visit the country – temperatures still do not drop much below 30°C anywhere in-country during daytime in December. Taking it slow is therefore a very welcome ‘must’.

Temperatures are at their highest around Phuket, Bangkok, and Ayutthaya at 31°C, with Chiang Mai and the north two or three degrees cooler. Despite this, Phuket remains your best option for beach stays since Koh Samui can still receive some heavy downpours during this time. Water temperatures generally stay at 28°C and are ideal for swimming, water sports, and diving without needing a wetsuit.

For a seasonal overview, read our article on the best time to visit Thailand.

Weather in Thailand in December - Rainfall and Temperatures

Avg Daily (°C)323334353433333332323131
Avg Nightly (°C)212325262626262625252421
Avg Daily (°F)89.691.493.29593.291.491.491.489.689.687.887.8
Avg Nightly (°F)69.873.47778.878.878.878.878.8777775.269.8
Avg Rainfall (mm)1010501101801801801702201904010

Why Visit Thailand in December

Thailand holiday
Tour a few stunning ancient temples and visit an elephant rehabilitation center in Chiang Mai
Thailand holiday
Ferry across the waters to visit the amazing islands of Thailand

Given that this month falls in the peak tourist season, you might be wondering if it is worth traveling to Thailand in December. Fret not, for this is definitely one of the best times to discover this popular tourist destination. Here are some of the reasons why.

  • Great weather: It is worth reinforcing just how predictable the weather can be in Thailand in December. For guaranteed warmth on the beach and clear skies for photography, December is the month to visit.
  • Lively beaches: With resorts filling up with visitors from all around the globe, popular beach destinations across the country become incredibly busy, creating a pleasing holiday feel. Hate getting packed like sardines on sand? The country also has numerous beaches that do not see much footfall. Thailand is home to countless islands like Koh Mook and Koh Lanta that are fringed by golden sand beaches and are yet to be discovered by travelers.
  • Calm seas: Quite simply, Thailand’s shorelines are wonderfully calm in December, allowing you to swim, zip across the water on a surfboard, and check out life underwater while snorkeling or scuba-diving without risking a last-minute cancellation due to bad weather conditions.
  • Celebrations: In addition to Christmas and new year celebrations, you can take part in numerous festivities during your trip to Thailand in December. The country also hosts the Red Cross and Winter Fair in Chiang Mai, bringing together market stalls, music, and amusement ride all in aid of charity.

Where to go and what to do

Interior of the Wat Sri Suphan, Chiang Mai, Thailand.
The Wat Sri Suphan is a unique space-ship like traditional temple composed entirely of silver and other metals in Chiang Mai, Thailand

For an insight into Thailand’s ancient past, be sure to make a stop to explore Ayutthaya, located an hour’s drive from Bangkok. The country’s capital in the 1300s, it is a treasure trove of fascinating temples, towers, and statues. When you travel to Bangkok you will see that it has a fair share of temples and palaces, often with glittering golden roofs. Phuket has a beach to suit everyone from nightclub lovers to nature aficionados, with plenty of opportunities to enjoy the warm seas too. Head north to Chiang Mai and you will be swapping beachside coconut palms for lush forests where elephants have roamed for centuries. This region is a walking country with trails meandering around its lush hills. However, if you are sticking to the south, Khao Yai National Park has both wild elephant herds and routes ideal for nice day walks, including one that takes you to a waterfall featured in the popular Hollywood movie ‘The Beach'. Finally, do not miss your chance to see the original Bridge on the River Kwai in Kanchanaburi. For information, read our article on how many days to spend in Thailand

Why is December such a great month for visiting Thailand? Ask a dozen people and you will probably get a dozen answers. But excellent weather conditions and seasonal celebrations all come together to create ideal conditions for a vacation you will not forget. You can make your trip to this destination even more memorable by talking to our local travel experts about custom trips to Thailand. Take a look at our pick of the best Thailand tours in December for more insights!

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