Spain in August: Summer Festivities with Fewer Crowds


August sees an uptick in tourist activities in Spain. This is when beaches are busier than usual, and so are city streets. Most prefer visiting northern coastal cities like Barcelona, while further south, in Andalusia, you will find scorching temperatures and beaches packed to the brim. If the motive for your trip to Spain is to party like there is no tomorrow, then make a beeline to the island of Ibiza, home to the most happening nightlife in Spain.

Spain Weather in August

Girl hiking in Pyrenees' mountains. Girona, Spain
The Pyrenees trails extend the entire length of the mountains and offer hiking possibilities of different complexities.

August is summer in Spain. The sun blazes in its full might throughout the month. Expect mercury, from the Mediterranean coast and Madrid all the way down south to Andalusia, to soar up to 33°C. Meanwhile, inland cities like Seville and Cordoba may beat all records, maxing out at 37°C. This dry, humid weather gives the locals a reason to escape Madrid and inland areas. Chances are that if you happen to be on a trip to Spain in August, you will miss out on the authentic tapas – the prized culinary possession of the region.

Visit Barcelona and the Canary Islands to experience soothing beach weather, averaging 28°C throughout the month. As for hiking fanatics, they will find exploration opportunities on the Spain-France border. The Spanish Pyrenees affords hiking lovers less dramatic turns in weather, making the region busier during this time of year.

Weather in Spain in August - Rainfall and Temperatures

Avg Daily (°C)101216172229333329211511
Avg Nightly (°C)1245813161614942
Avg Daily (°F)5053.660.862.671.684.291.491.484.269.85951.8
Avg Nightly (°F)33.835.639.24146.455.460.860.857.
Avg Rainfall (mm)404030504030101020405050

Why Visit Spain in August

Classic evening view of Ondaretta and La Concha beaches of San Sebastian
 Sebastian is home to wide sandy beaches, beautiful churches, and Basque cuisines.

Lazy beach days should not be the only reason for visiting Spain in August. With an explosion of cultural events taking place in various regions during this month, August is the best time to visit Spain to attend multiple festivals across the country, as well as meander around lesser-known villages. August is also the ideal time to discover the numerous trails threading through the Pyrenees mountains.

  • Lower prices: Spain is known as being quite affordable when held up to other western European countries. As a rule of thumb, touristic cities will be more expensive. Nonetheless, you can get by comfortably on a daily budget of around USD 70.
  • Affordable hotels in lesser-known areas: A trip to Spain in August means pricier accommodation rates in the heart of a city, such as Barri Gòtic in Barcelona. However, accommodation in off-the-beaten-track destinations is affordable, with a budget of around USD 75 per person, per night.
  • Opportunities to escape crowds: Summer does not mean crowds everywhere. Escape the hordes and head for the province of Girona. Visit the serene, white-walled village of Cadaqués. Art enthusiasts can take a tour of Salvador Dali’s old house, or simply wander through the historic center before hitting a nearby sandy stretch.
  • Festivals in August: Get messy with locals in Buñol on August 25 during the annual La Tomatina festival. Alternatively, immerse yourself in the culture of Spain at Feria de Málaga, which is held from 15 to 24 of August.
  • High time for hiking: Although parts of Spain see sweltering temperatures during this month, temperatures in the northern Pyrenees mountains are cooler and this region also offers an abundance of trails. You can find routes suitable for all levels of travelers, as well as family-friendly trails, in this region.
  • Coastal getaways: An excursion to San Sebastian’s La Concha, famous for its unique shell-shaped bay, is a great spot for swimming and sunbathing. Meanwhile, Playa de Ses Illetes in Formentera is Ibiza’s less-crowded neighbor with stunning white-sand beaches.

Where to go and What to do

Young women dance flamenco on Plaza de Espana during famous Feria festival
The percussive footwork and the intricate hand, arm, and body gestures make Flamenco an entertaining affair.

Barcelona, Granada, and the Canary Islands are must-visit destinations in Spain during August. If you happen to be in Barcelona, there are music and art workshops all around. And finally, do not miss out on experiencing the grandeur of the Gràcia Festival fireworks in mid-August. Likewise, Granada celebrates its New Year on the first Sunday of August every year. Be part of this celebration with the locals. Grab an outdoor seat and enjoy the merriment. August offers more than one opportunity to bond with the locals. Make your way to the east of Gran Canaria to partake in La Triada del Agua, a water fiesta, and enjoy jiving to La Seca beats.

To find out how you can make the most of your time in the country, check out our guide on how many days to spend in Spain.

Ample choices of activities, excursions, and diverse landscapes across the country, coupled with favorable weather, means that there is no need to think twice before heading to Spain in August. Reach out to our local travel experts for a customized trip to Spain, which is tailored to your specifications. For a seasonal overview, go through our travel guide on the best time to visit Spain.

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