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Treks and Hikes in Peru

Hiking in Peru: 10 Best Day Hikes

Peru is a country perfect for lovers of the great outdoors and hiking in Peru offers some of the most picturesque trails. However, not every visitor has the time or incli... Read more

The Quarry Trail to Machu Picchu

Of all the alternative treks to the Inca Trail, the Quarry Trail to Machu Picchu is perhaps the least known. A far cry from the classic Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, on thi... Read more

Laguna Churup: A Perfect Day Hike

The Cordillera Blanca trekking and hiking trails in Peru are a playground for all trekking lovers. Some of Peru’s iconic treks and challenging technical climbs can ... Read more

Lares Trek vs. The Inca Trail

The Lares trek vs. the Inca Trail. Which one to take a classic dilemma many trekkers in Peru will face. Both treks are two of the best treks in Peru. The Inca Trail is th... Read more

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