Patagonia in February: Travel Tips for Summer


With mild temperature, low rainfall, and longish summer days all calling for outdoor adventure, your trip to Patagonia in February is guaranteed to be an enjoyable one. The weather is simply perfect for hiking, mountain biking, wildlife observation, and camping in Patagonia. Additionally, travelers can also enjoy activities like swimming, canoeing, and kayaking. But do be warned that February marks the tail end of Patagonia's peak season, which means there will be a huge influx of tourists, and prices of tours and accommodation could be significantly high.

Patagonia Weather in February

Lake in Torres del Paine in Patagonia during summer.
You will have a wonderful time visiting Torres del Paine because, despite the occasional surprises, February weather in Patagonia is among the best.

February is one of the warmest months of the year when you can expect a mild temperature with a slight possibility of rain. For the most part, the days will be warm and the nights cool. You should also prepare for strong winds. The average temperatures typically range from 10°C to 21°C, but you can expect the north to be slightly warmer than the south.

Still, it is vital to note that the weather in the region can be notoriously erratic, and Patagonia’s weather in February is no exception. So, do not be surprised if you experience quick alternations between warm sunshine, drizzle, and rain, then warm sunshine within a few hours. Despite the occasional surprises, the weather in Patagonia in February is among the best, and you will thoroughly enjoy your trip to Tierra del Fuego, Los Glaciares National Park, and Torres del Paine.

For a more seasonal overview, check out our guide on the best time to visit Patagonia.

Why Visit Patagonia in February

Cow bowels presented on a grill during Nacional del Lupulo festival.
Enjoy mouthwatering foods during Nacional del Lupulo festival while you visit Patagonia in February.
Antarctic cruise in Patagonia in February.
The best weather to see the white continent is no longer available in February if you want to take an Antarctic cruise.

Here are many of the few reasons why you should visit Patagonia in February:

  • Best weather: The temperature and rainfall pattern in February all favor outdoor adventure. So, if you are visiting Patagonia for the thrill, February is one of the best times to be around.
  • Antarctic cruise: Argentina’s gateway to Antarctica closes during the off-season but is open throughout the summer. If you would like to join a cruise to Antarctica, February is the last month to enjoy favorable visiting conditions to the white continent.
  • Fiesta Nacional del Salmón: This deep-sea-fishing festival is the stuff of dreams for many anglers. Even if the fishing competitions do not interest you, you should at least enjoy the free seafood lunch and the Miss Salmoncito beauty pageant.
  • Festival Costumbrista Chilote: The festival takes place in mid-February on Chiloe Island, Chile. You can expect a colorful and fun-filled display of culture that typically features hot potato juggling, folk music and dance, and of course, loads of indigenous foods and drinks.
  • Nacional del Lupulo: El Bolson’s hop festival promises displays from famous national and local artists, a wide range of mouthwatering food, and most important of all, distinguished craft beers.

Where to Go and What to Do

Lake Nahuel Huapi during clear weather in Patagonia.
Lake Nahuel Huapi's crystal clear are very susceptible to climate changes which makes it both beautiful and treacherous.

Patagonia in February presents an opportunity for endless outdoor adventure. Sunny skies and comfortable temperatures offer ideal conditions for riding, rafting, trekking, camping, wildlife exploration, and other exciting activities.

We recommend you take a trip to Ushuaia, the southernmost city in Argentina. Visit Tierra del Fuego National Park and marvel at the seaside mountains, tranquil bays, and freshwater rivers that make the park a wonder to behold. You should also take a boat tour of the Beagle Channel and enjoy the diverse fauna and flora in the area while spending some quality time observing large penguin colonies.

Despite Ushuaia's beauty, El Calafate is frequently the top attraction for travelers to Patagonia in February. You will find many magnificent glaciers there, including the well-known Perito Moreno, one of the few advancing glaciers in the world. Take some time to watch the ice break off the top and crash into the tranquil waters below. We also recommend taking a boat tour of the glaciers around Lago Argentino and watching the sunset over its beautiful jade-green waters.

Your trip to Patagonia will be incomplete without visiting the Chilean side of the region. There, you can enjoy a roster of multi-day hikes at the Torres del Paine National Park, admiring massive glaciers, beautiful rivers, and diverse wildlife. And if you want your adrenaline pumping, activities like white-water rafting, skydiving, zip lining, and horseback riding are all available if you travel to Chile’s Lake District. Thankfully, you only need your passport to cross to Chile from Argentina.

What to Bring

Tourist in Patagonia.
Even though the days are usually pleasant, it is still a good idea to pack layers of warm clothing, especially if you intend to go camping.

Although the daytime temperatures are typically mild, it is advisable to bring warm layers of clothing, especially if you plan to go camping. The nights can be windy and cold, and you will not want to be caught off guard. Additionally, you should ensure your camping gear is strong enough to withstand gusty winds. Do not forget to pack rain gear too. The weather in Patagonia can be as erratic as it gets. So, it is best to come prepared for everything.

Patagonia in February promises endless outdoor adventure on land and in water. All the major tourist attractions are open, and virtually all the hiking and sightseeing trails are available for optimal exploration. But since this is part of the peak season, you would want to make your accommodation and transportation arrangements ahead of time.

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