Patagonia in August: Winter Season Adventures


With snowy landscapes, abundant snow sports, and wildlife spotting opportunities, Patagonia turns into an exciting winter wonderland in August. From the jagged peaks like Fitz Roy and Cerro Torre to the gigantic Perito Moreno Glacier to the stunning landscapes of Torres del Paine and Los Glaciares National Park, travel to Patagonia in August which promises adventures and excitements galore. August is a quiet month, so expect to enjoy lower prices for hotels and activities.

Patagonia Weather in August

The landscape of Perito Moreno glacier during August in Patagonia.
It can get quite cold and wet in Patagonia in August, and snowstorms happen quite frequently then.

Like the rest of the southern hemisphere, Patagonia’s weather in August can be quite wet and cold. During the last month of the winter season, temperatures can range from highs of 8°C to lows of -3°C. Snowstorms are also fairly common during this time. Higher altitudes such as Cerro Wayle can be very cold, but the southern Andes still offer good skiing opportunities in August. 

For a seasonal overview, check our guide on the best time to visit Patagonia.

Why Visit Patagonia in August

A man enjoying skiing in Patagonia during August.
Enjoy skiing and other winter sports during August in Patagonia.
Torres National Park during clear weather in Patagonia.
Take advantage of fewer crowds and enjoy the magnificence of Torres National Park during August in Patagonia.

Winter is your opportunity to indulge yourself in a variety of snow sports and go wildlife spotting in Patagonia. With few travelers visiting Patagonia in August, it is also a good time to enjoy lower accommodation costs and flexibility with travel arrangements. Here are the top reasons why you should travel to Patagonia in August:

  • Festivals: August also brings certain events and festivals in Patagonia. The Provincial Snow Festival in August in Rio Turbio features ski tournaments, theater performances, folklore gatherings, dancing, and dinner events. Chapelco Ski Resort hosts the Memorial Federico Graeff in August. Skiers from around the world visit to participate in the race, and it is an interesting event to watch.
  • Winter sports: Patagonia in August offers a wide range of snow sports. The snowy terrain offers activities like snowshoeing, skiing, snowboarding, and winter horseback riding. Besides, many treks are also still open in Torres del Paine.
  • Fewer crowds: With colder weather in Patagonia (Argentina), this is a perfect time to visit national parks that are usually crowded in summer. The glaciers, lakes, and trails are open during this time, allowing you to explore them at a leisurely pace.
  • Cheaper rates: Patagonia in August is quieter, offering good value for money on accommodation and attractions. This means you will be able to add more excursions and activities to your trip without breaking the bank.

Where to Go and What to Do

Mount Fitz Roy in Patagonia
This is a relatively easy hike from El Chaltén to the base of Mount Fitz Roy, where you’re greeted with the beauty of the mountain tops and a lagoon.

In addition to skiing and snow sports, there are plenty of things to do in Patagonia in August. The national parks to visit in August include Torres del Paine, Tierra del Fuego, and Los Glaciares. These national parks remain open even during the winter months, so you can enjoy the beautiful scenery without running into crowds. If you are based in Punta Arenas or Puerto Natales, it will be easier to visit many of these national parks on day trips. Several tours in the area offer activities such as heli-skiing, snowboarding, and snowcat skiing, along with coaching and instructions.

If you are looking for a wildlife adventure. Winter offers the opportunity to enjoy the natural splendor of the landscape. This is also a good time to spot rare wildlife of Patagonia at Perito Moreno and Torres del Paine, such as huemul deer, foxes, and puma.

While Patagonia's Unesco-listed national parks are open year-round, bad weather may prevent you from enjoying your preferred hiking trails and activities. However, this is an excellent chance to base yourself in Puerto Natales or Punta Arenas for day trips to Torres del Paine, or El Chaltén and El Calafate for access to Mt Fitz Roy and explore the enormous glaciers in Los Glaciares.

Travel to the Andean Lakes Crossing, one of the most breathtaking border crossings in the world, via Nahuel Huapi, Lago Frias, and Todos Los Santos lakes.

From its spectacular snow-capped mountains and glaciers to stunning natural landscapes in national parks, Patagonia has a lot to offer even during the winter. And with fewer crowds and lower rates, you will get to explore this winter paradise in relative peace and quiet and see more of the place while remaining within your budget.

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