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One Week in Norway: Our Recommendations


Norway’s scenic fjords, craggy peaks, and picturesque landscapes have a lot to offer to outdoor enthusiasts, while its cities are a unique blend of medieval and modern design sensibilities. Many people think that it would take at least a month to explore Norway in all of its glory. But trust us when we say that you can cover most of the country’s highlights in less than seven days. From stunning fjords and mountainous landscapes to brightly colored fishing villages and modern cities, you can experience it all during a week-long stay in the country.

Want to know what wonders are on offer? Check out our Norway trips lasting from five to seven days below for more ideas.

7 days in Norway: Exploring the Fjordland

Old traditional Norwegian houses. Geilo, Norway.
Geilo offers a list of winter outdoor adventures, like alpine and cross-country skiing to snowshoe trekking.

Day 1

Arrive in Geilo

Day 2

Explore Geilo on foot

Day 3

Take the train from Geilo to Finse

Day 4

Pick your trail in Finse

Day 5

Discover Flåm

Day 6

Travel to Aurland

Day 7

Discover Aurland on your own

Day 8

Bid farewell to Norway

Walk among fjords and moorlands during this self-guided, seven-day Norwegian holiday. Start your journey in Geilo, the winter wonderland with an abundance of hiking trails, before making your way to the idyllic mountain village of Finse. Head for Myrdal, located along the famous Flåm Railway. Soak up the dramatic setting of Flåm before continuing to the gorgeous, fjord-filled Aurland, where hiking options abound. This one-week Norway itinerary is perfect for outdoor enthusiasts wanting to experience the dramatic landscapes of the country up close and personal. See tour.

Norway in 5 days: Arctic Dream

Aurora Borealis, Lofoten islands, Norway. Mountains and frozen ocean. Winte
Witness the spectacular Aurora Borealis from Norway's Lofoten Islands.

Day 1

Arrive in Tromsø

Day 2

Learn more about the Sami, go Northern Lights hunting

Day 3

Enjoy cruise trip and dog sledding

Day 4

Discover the Lyngen Alps during snowmobile safari

Day 5

Depart Norway

Gear up for an adventure-packed five days and feel like an Antarctic explorer as you drive a dog sled and a snowmobile through the dramatic landscape surrounding Tromsø. Feel the excitement as you move from location to location and learn more about the Sami people – the indigenous inhabitants of Norway – along the way. This trip also offers you the chance to chase the Northern Lights and savor the Arctic landscape by boat. See tour.

As seen from the itineraries above, 7 days in Norway is enough time to explore the magnificent country. Browse through our 7-day Norway itineraries for more ideas. If you are considering spending more days in Norway, check out our guide on how many days to spend in Norway for more information. To create your own itinerary from scratch, get in touch with our travel experts in Norway.

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